Calder Daxx

  • @TheMinionOfArabel


    I'd like to purchase a couple of leather armors from you if you have the time to tan them; I'd been thinking something in mountain bear. Perhaps some hand axes, too if it's not too much trouble. I also have some albino cat bones for you.

    Can I ask for an estimate so I know how to allocate funds?


  • [a rather short note finds its way to her]

    Find you when I get back to town to talk shop.
    Limited on handaxe designs. Animal. Dire. Albino Cat.

    -- Daxx

  • @theminionofarabel

    I have an amazing idea and you're going to think it's dumb. After I'm done pouting, you'll agree that the idea is awesome and we'll work together to bring it into being. Two words: Knightly Order.

    How would you bring Istishia's principles and dogma and such into a martial capacity? What philosophy have you developed around Him that would apply to a man at arms, do you think?


  • @TheTwistingWind

    Water always Triumphs.

    Talk in person.

    -- Daxx