Letter: Piggy Yurin

  • Yurin.

    Freya tells me your lycanthropy is a curse. It just so happens I have experience in means of control for ones cursed by magical means.

    See me if interested.

    Seeker Ampharen

  • Aye. A hag ritual made me like this. A gluttony curse where I have to eat magical things and flesh. The werepig part was a nice little bonus, seems I can eat more with a bigger mouth, I dunno!

    I asked the mages in the Spire about it and they gave me some ideas too, if yours don't work.

    Let's have a beer and a chat, aye? Maybe bring Freya too.


  • Yurin

    I'm fairly certain that the Silver Mechanical Arm would be a sufficient control method.

    Of course I'd need to obtain enough silver to forge such, I have a small supply of Maztican Silver but we'll need to mine for some more.

    We'll also need a skilled enchanter to interface the arm with your mind so it functions as a real limb.

    I expect the arm will be quite powerful and may enhance your strength or allow you to fire lightning as there should be plenty of excess power from using a golems power core to power a single mechanical arm

    Seeker Ampharen

  • Yurin.

    You are quickly becoming a danger to yourself and the citizens of the city.
    Stop putting off finding means to control the curse and choose one or be exiled from the City until the curse is controlled.

    Warden Ampharen