Letter: Judge Johan[DM Bowser?]

  • @Bowser

    Esteemed Judge,

    I am Serafina, chained herald of Sariel. Rumors abound of your illness. Goodly service is comprised of Seven Holy Virtues and Justice is among them. It has been brought to my attention by the Wildwalker, Initiate Jon that there may be a connection between your illness and that of foul necromancy and Evil.

    Given the chaotic nature and ceaseless posturing associated with the recent election as well as the formation of a council of judges, doubtless you have many demands on your time. If you would permit a meeting to discuss your present condition, the Initiate and I pledge to route out the rot of whatever afflicts you and restore you to health.

    Chained Herald of Sariel
    c/o Fine Hells

    A copy is left for Jon @CrystalRL

  • Your concern has been noted. I have a cold. I am sure it will clear up, but there are more pressing matters in the city than my health.

    Judge Johan

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