Mister Snyderlson [DM]

  • Mister Chef Snyderlson

    I have a problem! A nasty hag curse has befallen me and at times most inconvenient, I change into a ravenous, hungry WEREBOAR and I devour magic flesh and trinkets.

    This has become a dangerous problem for my friends and allies, as I tend to try to eat them or their possessions. Also, eating magic flesh makes me even more crazy.

    WHAT I NEED...is a way to help STOP me eating everything in sight before it kills me.

    Perhaps a potion, or vitamin or spell?? Whatever you need, I can find with the help of my friends! I don't want to eat them...

    Fat Yurin
    Grinning Goat

  • Admin [DM]


    A gluttony curse? How foul, a man should enjoy eating because it pleases him, not because he must!

    However, the only way I can imagine helping you is, while as a wereboar, is to slowly turn yourself over a bed of coals as it slowly cooks the curse off your body and let your friends devour your flesh as it falls off your body in a horrid cannibalistic ritual.

    I heard about that working in Chult once. Not sure it will. Might turn you all into lycanthropic monsters as well! Who knows, sounds like it's worth a try.

    Sincerely yours,


  • One of Snyderlson's assistants - one who wasn't unlucky enough to be captured and killed by githyanki - quickly pens a follow-up reply.

    Actually, Mister Yurin, there has been documented success of silver containment protocols that keep the curse at bay. Of course, that involves keeping yourself constantly in either a suit of armor or extremely powerful silver accouterments with the appropriate abjuratives, enchantments, et cetera.

    Vanos adds her own reply...



    Nebririlmar also pipes in...

    There may be an alchemical means to this solution as well. Perhaps creating a legendary phoenix egg and eating it might induce its healing properties in such a way that it burns the curse that so horribly afflicts you. I imagine there are probably side effects to that, though. You may wish to consult several alchemists if you take that route.

    Nebririlmar Cystafer

  • Admin [DM]

    More spire dwellers chip in...

    Perhaps he can go on a spiritual quest deep into the thunderpeaks in the middle of winter, wearing nothing but the flesh he was born in. He can achieve self-enlightenment and banish the curse from his soul.

    Bericho Tane

    I have JUST the cure! I, Myron O'Connor have cured tens of thousands of lycanthropic infected, I have a veritable horde of dwarves cursed by wretched hags at my beck and call! You must go on this adventure for me before I tell you what it is!

    Myron O'Connor
    Yet more reply...

    I hear you could find a way to go back in time in Gilmor's tower and kill the hag before she curses you. The paradox will result in the curse being removed!

    The concerned wizard

  • These are some good ideas, lads (and lass).

    I'll give them a try and come to ye again if I need more advice.

    A round of drinks on me next I be in the spire!


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