Crown Forces - PD, Scouts & WWs

  • Hello everyone.

    Should some of you find yourself with no concept idea, may I suggest joining the Purple Dragons?

    There is room for all sorts of concepts and classes. Infantry, scouts, battlemages, from farmboy wanting to serve his country and make something of his life, to ambitious nobles seeking recognition through ranks, or ust be the royal badass to impress the ladies. The oddballs wanting to run the wildest of missions for the thrill, to the secret agent looking for conspiracies. Or just your average Joe wanting to make a difference somewhere.

    The write up:

    There are several plots to run and you can bring your own thing as well. The goal is to involve people, protect Cormyr and have fun doing it.

    Right now it is a bit lonely, come play with us!

  • +1

    Yes please. You won't regret joining. Alot of fun and plottage awaits

    Minion is a great faction buddy..

  • I must admit the idea of going down the battlemage route has tempted me, What's the benefit over going Militia though?

  • Less paperwork!


  • Militia focuses on the city of Arabel and on being cops there. A battlemage, is army, with potential to become a war wizard apprentice then war wizard. You get to defend the rest of the country and root out conspiracies, experiment on things that most people would not have access to, uphold the law outside the city if that is your thing, you probably get a better pay than the militia too. >_> You get consulted for and involved in all sort of magical matters.

    I have not gone down the battlemage path so I do not know what secrets they have or if they do have any in that section of the tower of theirs! I am sure those that have played battlemages can get you some more details on it, or perhaps see with a DM for more info.

  • I am joining the ranks, so soon the awesome will flow.

    It will flow like WINE.

  • Great. A Cyrist PD


  • T_T

    Welp... now I definitely need some help...

  • Minion.

    Clearly, you should hire Jon as a scout for the PDs. It won't, at all, end badly to have a druid in the army.

  • BUMP!

    Wanna fight a great evil? Well all we have is Manzahar currently but I'm sure we can find you one!

    Wanna go around yelling for King and Country? Excellent, but we do expect more then just that...

    Jokes aside if you are looking for a concept to play why not join the Purple Dragons? As our resident Minion declared we have room for all sorts of concepts and classes! If you are interested in apping but want assistance on your ap leave a message here and I'd be happy to assist! Come on and join you all!

    😃 😃

  • Yes. Crown forces is ROLLING in intrigue and action. For serious!

  • If anyone needs ideas for concepts and goals, I am able to assist as well! Apparently I am good at giving people ideas, yet I am at times clueless for myself. Go figure. XD

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