• Lady Thundersword.

    I'm not a judge overseeing your legal issues at the moment, but, I feel compelled to advise you.
    Notices you are placing up in plain sight are encouraging sedition, slandering our chancellor, and impersonating authority by calling your self the True Warden. These three crimes were from a passing reading as I went for my morning cafe' and eggs.

    You chose to flee your post. This is your decision and your reasons are your's alone. I cannot assess what they may be. but I strongly encourage you to stop making these public acusations. Each seditious flyer is another mark on your family name. Every poster and every word another piece of evidence that will NO DOUBT turn up at your trial.

    Having already signed an Oath of Truth you will be doubly bound to provide adequate evidence of these crimes.

    Take them down, for your sake and your house's sake.

    -Judge Sangre

  • Blade -something-,

    • Show me the place in the lawbook, detailing the crimes of slander against the chancellor, at the time of writing my bulletins.
    • Notify me of the place in the lawbook, detailing that working against the interests of a publicly elected chancellor, is against the law. She is neither Lord Hawklin, Warden of the North, nor is she the King, which, as a noble, are the only individuals I answer to.
    • Last I remembered, Lord Hawklin appointed me Warden of the city Militia, on behalf of the King himself. Mr Christoph is appointed by the Chancellor. Until such a time as Lord Hawklin or the King appoint a new warden, I am in the right to name myself the True Warden, as I am in fact, the last true warden, appointed by the King through Lord Hawklin.
    • Or maybe go bother someone else, filthy peasent.

    Elestra Thundersword

  • --slightly wounded, Judge Sangre smiles empatheticly at the response. She rolls the scipture into a tube and places it delicately over a candle. As it flickers and curls into carbon, She hopes the flames will asuage the anguish within the wounded child's heart. Burning away whatever trauma she must have suffered at the hands of those who had the strength to stay.--