Rosewater scented letter to Elestra Thundersword

  • Lady Thundersword

    Can we sit down and have a genuine discussion? A private one this time. Not once have we have ever had the opportunity to speak. You needn't fear me. Contrary to what you believe I have no desire to take your life.

    It can be in the middle of the spire if you wish. Though I'd suggest your lodgings above the fine hells. All I ask is that it is an honest conversation between the two of us. There will no games, no tricks nor ploys. Just you and I speaking our minds. If you're particularly worried you could always pass this note onto somebody such that were you to come to harm I would be the prime suspect.

    I hope you'll sit down with me and talk.

    O. Lengram

    //If willing, hit me up on discord if you don't see me in game and I'll hop on 🙂 // @O-louth

  • Lady Thundersword

    I wanted to tell you this in person, but you are exceptionally difficult to get a hold of in person. I cannot in good conscience face off against you in court. I have no desire to be the reason you end your life. It has become clear to me by your absence these past few days that your threats of uprising are born of lament for lost opportunities.

    I have ever only desired for your success. To see you overcome the odds. I cannot bring myself to aid you in ending your own life and so I have withdrawn from the affair. Perhaps my doing so will stoke the fires of your passion once more. I can only hope that should you find your fire again that you do not let it go.

    Resigning from the position of Warden was a mistake. It broke my heart to see you cast away your dream at the signs of adversity. Truthfully it has only ever been my desire to serve you and perhaps this is how you intended for me to do so. However I lack the strength of heart to be responsible for ending your life.

    For that I am sorry.

    O. Lengram

  • [As Olivia leaves the Militia tower in the morning, a small, dirty Old Town boy hands him a missive of expensive paper. As Olivia reaches for his coin purse to hand over the customary cobber coin, the small boy steps back, flips the middle finger, and to the sound of a fat gold pouch gently banging into the boys thigh, he runs off.]

    Mr Lengram,
    I imagined you would back down. For while you could easily construct a story of me "hindering an investigation into my own self", proving the crimes beneath that layer of lies would be much more difficult. Mostly, because they were as untrue as the words in your last missive. But truth or lie, if you hear it long enough you begin to believe it. The trial was all keeping me in this horrible town, and as you will not go through with it, I see no point in staying.

    Your letter puzzles me, Mr Lengram. For if there was any truth behind your words, there is a ocean wide gap between your words and your deeds. I saw all your notes, I found some of your correspondence within the militia files. 140.000 gold pieces, was your idea of the "reward" to give to someone who had actually committed good deeds? Or if you wished me to stay, attacking me, and then fleeing back under the skirts of Elodie again speak a different tale entirely. Not a single action you have taken since you donned the militia uniform, can in any form support this narrative of yours.

    But, alas, to the victor goes the spoils. Yes, Mr Lengram, you did turn my inner fire into a tiny, flickering flame. Three men, destroyed in less than a week, the work I had spent two months accomplishing. All the while, accomplishing nothing yourself. No arrests, no big investigations, you three did nothing except to stop me from taking office. Bogus investigations, horrible accusations, and disrespect and ridicule is all I ever saw from you, and your two friends. So you will excuse me for not believing a single word you write.

    But enjoy the spoils, Mr Lengram. As this letter reaches you, I have left Arabel behind. The city chose Elodie as their chancellor, and you four in combination, ensured she would not be opposed. The city is yours, for honestly, you deserve one another.

    With all the loathing I can muster for the destructiveness of three peasents,
    Elestra Thundersword

  • [A copy of this letter is forwarded to Chancellor Elodie @Fearmoho12 and Warden Ampharen @verk along with a note for each.]

    Dearest Elodie,

    I told you I could make her resign and then leave town in less than a month and you doubted me. Collect the wagers and pay out whoever put in for the second quarter of this month. Good thing she never looked into how I got promoted so quickly. That would have been very awkward I think you'll agree! Especially given who else it implicates.

    Anyway problem solved! if you'd like to make another wager on the crumbling of one of your foes mental state I'd be open to the idea. Though I can't imagine it being quite so much fun as this little project of ours.



    Warden Ampharen

    You need no longer be concerned regarding the matter of the good Lady Thundersword. I look forward to working with you and rest assured it shall be a fruitful and prosperous relationship for us both. Though let us never forget the one who came before. That we do not repeat their mistakes.

    I would ask for a promotion, but I wouldn't want you and the other lieutenants to be on shaky ground again. So feel free to wait until things calm down a bit first.

    Sergeant Olivia Lengram

  • Storyteller [DM]


    A shame she fled I would have much rather see her punished for her crimes but I am satisfied that she will no longer be attempting to cause a civil war within the city.

    If you truly desire to be a lieutenant you will find there are a lot of open warrants.

    Return to the militia full time and assist me in bringing in the scum plaguing the city and once some arrests are made you'll be promoted.

    More raids on either bloodstone or infernal stone smugglers would also aid in you being promoted

    Warden Ampharen