The Search for Clangeddin's Hammer

  • [Written in Dwarven runes and posted primarily around Downtown, there is a copy written in common on the Spire noticeboard.]

    The search for the remains of Clangeddin's Hammer; Kuldar whose sacrifice was instrumental in the recovery of the Paragon of the Morndinsamman commences!
    All Dwarves are encouraged to aid in the recovery of his heroes remains so he may be canonized as a Saint of Clangeddin, and forever remembered in the annals of our timeless history.

    Those whom have been struck from their clans for black deeds will be welcomed to aid, as this service to the Morndinsamman and our people may serve as a stepping stone for the recovery of your honour and name!

    Find Thaloc Theidugan to aid.

  • Expeditions into the Underdark to search for an alternative entrance into the Duergar Fortress where Kuldar held the line shall be conducted frequently.

    Speak to Priest Thaloc of Clan Theidugan or any Dwarf of the Host to aid, bring honour to yourselves and your families.