Sergeant Olivia Lengram -- Package

  • A fanciful package arrives, filled with a cask of exquisite Thayan wine and an assortment of chocolates and even a small collection of very cheesy love poems.

    Dearest Olivia!
    Your eyes are like frying pans and my eggs scramble when I gaze into your cast-iron beauty!

    -A Secret Admirer (DEFINITELY NOT JACK, HONEST!!)

  • [Olivia can be seen stuffing her face with chocolates in a most unladylike manner while sipping wine and reading this in the spire. A short reply is sent reeking of rosewater.]


    I do wish you'd try something less vulgar! Though it wasn't unenjoyable. Don't you have work to be doing? I'll be rather disappointed to find out you've nothing to show when your called upon for results.

    Olivia Lengram