Sealed Letter: Judge Blade Sangre

  • The letter is sealed with golden wax and embedded in the wax is the symbol of the Golden Guard's Standard in smaller form.

    alt text

    Blade Sangre,

    I hope you are feeling better after what happened to you the other day. You seemed quite ill, what with the vomiting and all. While we met that day, allow me the opportunity to introduce myself formally; I am Raynor Steel, the Golden Guard's newest addition with my role being that of the company's diplomat.

    There are a number of things I would like to discuss with you, if you'd do me the honor of agreeing to a meeting. I await your correspondence here within the city at the Fine Hells.

    Thank you for your time,
    -Raynor, Golden Guard Diplomat

  • // @people Assuming you agree, what's the best timezone and time period to catch you in game? 😃

  • I would meet you, of course. I tend to be available in the evenings.

    • Judge Sangre

    ((Gmt -5, normally on eight-ish hours from now))

  • Blade Sangre,

    Hopefully you are well rested after our venture yesterday. I still would like to speak with you regarding the Golden Guard and Old Town, but at your convenience of course.


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