A finely presented letter to Lord Bhaliir, Chancellor of Arabel, Dwarven Host

  • @Fearmoho12

    [This letter arrives on fine parchment sealed in a velum envelope with a blue wax seal of a cloud.]


    It is with hope in my heart that this letter finds you in good spirits, and better ones by the time you are finished reading it.

    As you likely know, Tilverton is growing steadily through the efforts of the people who are setting up here to begin a new life or put down an old one. As the only village dedicated to an Elemental deity, we are something of a test bed for many concepts and approaches that would not work well in larger settings or with more rigid doctrine.

    We are developing a fairly unique and open culture that puts emphasis on the talents of the individual and their autonomy to bring their dreams to life. Akadi’s is a faith that promotes these things on the path to spiritual growth and personal value. Something we believe the citizenry of Arabel will appreciate.

    It is with that in mind that this letter is being penned to announce a carnival to be held within Tilverton in approximately three weeks. ((some time in the first week of April)) This event will likely be a single day and involve the village’s culture being displayed for all; we will be hosting games, tournaments and contests with coin and other prizes. During this event we will be offering free transportation to and from the village for residents of Arabel and Old Town. All paid for by the Church of Akadi.

    Security will be handled by the Golden Guard and members of the Church.

    At the conclusion of the festivities we will be announcing our invitation to civilians to take up residence in the village, to claim a piece of our newly blessed farmland, open businesses and so forth.

    For your part, we would like to invite you as a guest of honor and to propose a barter that may improve your position within the city. We are in the midst of raising buildings, and improving our infrastructure, however assistance of matériel and skilled craftsmen would speed our development along nicely.

    Some of our major projects that would benefit all parties are:

    • The construction of a caravansary and trading post with appropriate warehousing.
    • Fleshing out a nearby mine along the road.

    In exchange for assistance with these, we are prepared to offer approximately 15% of our crop yields until the developments are finished, or a complete growing season has passed, whichever happens first.

    In addition to this, caravans bound for Arabel (or the Dwarven Embassy) will be allowed to pass through the Moonsea Ride free of tax, tariff or road fees for ninety days after the aforementioned agreement (in whatever final form it may take) is signed. They will, of course, enjoy the full protection of the village's militia and defense. This courtesy will also be extended to goods sold within Tilverton at the trading post for that duration, making it a ‘free trade’ village.

    We wish to be good neighbors and see the all parties involved prosper, with a strong economic backbone the peoples of Arabel and Tilverton will be able to develop into their truest self with full stomachs, open hearts and more coin to themselves to invest in local economies.

    The announcement of the Carnival will be made public in two weeks for adventurers and civilians, but I know your time is valuable and often occupied with important matters, so I wished to get this in front of you sooner than later. I will be available for any questions, concerns and counterproposals you may wish to discuss regarding this.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Mistral Ophirae Miavyre
    High Priestess of Akadi

    Village of Tilverton

  • Mistral Miavyre,

    A carnival is certainly an appealing idea as is your offer of crops, but this agreement reminds me of one in the not so distant past and has me hesitant to accept.
    I recall during the lead up to the election a promise to support my campaign in exchange for my aid in helping Tilverton rise. Despite your assurance that you'd provide your end of the bargain I saw no public support, nor any proof that you swayed other citizens into voting for me before, during or after the voting period.

    Fortunately for Tilverton, I meant it when I told you I wanted to help you and yours, so even with no contract binding me to the promises I made I will give you a chance to earn what you need from Arabel.
    Understand that if I didn't have the entirety of the North of Cormyr to govern I'd lend this second chance charitably, but I have promises that my supporters earned to keep and they require my city's funds.

    Since you're already in the business of preparing festivities, I would suggest you pay your reparations for the deal broken by lending me and my Minister of Culture your peoples' assistance in preparing for Arabel's first revel or by helping us expedite the construction of a fest hall dedicated to Sharess that will be built on, above and down into the Pit to house this revel.
    If time is of the essence, then I can find a moment to write a legally binding contract that ensures Tilverton's service in the above task.

    When my Festhall is built, all supplies for the first revel are gathered, or a contract has been signed, I will agree to your proposal and divert some of Arabel's funds to the Tilverton effort.

    Warm thoughts,

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~
    Chancellor of Arabel
    Sensate of the Succubus of Sensation


  • @fearmoho12


    It is often that political events like the election that lead to misunderstandings and dubious loyalties. Fortunately, communication (which I admit to not having done a terrific job of lately) can lay out these things and together we can find where our issues exist.

    After my proposal, we had discussed my campaigning upon your behalf which was done to faithful, would-be citizens of the village, and within Arabel itself. This includes, but is not limited to the Golden Guard.

    From our own files:

    @thetwistingwind said in Arabel Council:


    I think by now you know I try to encourage people to pursue their happiness and bliss. The tenets of the Crying God are applicable to many things, and if you need help outlining how best to approach this campaign you’ll find me a willing ally.

    However, it’s only right that I point out that I am backing (and would ask you to) Elodie in her bid. I believe that Sharess’s tenets would be more applicable to an Arabellian future that allows for more egalitarianism and hope for the common man to rise to prosperity and station without having been born into it.

    Ilmater provides much for those who suffer, but I see so little from His faithful that suggests addressing the root causes of that suffering or changing the underlying structures that perpetuate it. Things like access to education, quality food and a culture that promotes individualism and innovation by bucking the system (within reason). I’m not suggesting that throwing the established order into chaos is how things should be done, just that if you wish my support I’d ask you to consider these points.

    Again, I have pledged my vote to Elodie, but I’m happy to help you hone your message and presentation if you can pull something together; I do not betray secrets and I have no dog in this fight outside of seeing Tilverton as its own entity. I’m willing to help, just don’t ask me what other people are doing.

    Set up a platform, decide on your stance and we’ll see where the chips fall.


    @swifty-willownall said in Arabel Council:

    Very well. I'll put my support behind Elodie as well then. Sounds good to me!


    During face to face meetings, I had convinced the Guard and others- some of which are no longer with us for one reason or another- to pledge their votes to you.

    Whatever happened with you during your candidacy and Faeylinn put an extremely sour taste in a lot of peoples’ mouths, however:

    [Redacted] said in Arabel Council:

    After the sheer about of verminfodder Elodie pulled against the Golden Guard you (Fodel in this context) have my vote.

    I’ll see how the other nine golden guard feel.


    There are other notices like this, but I continued to do what I could to support you; assisting in (admittedly minor) rewrites of your literature and speaking to people individually regarding your campaign. You asked for public support, but it did not feel right to openly support your election on the grounds that should it be you who granted Tilverton ‘exemption from laws’ the position, your administration and you would automatically look corrupt and I right along with you.

    The city deserves better and so do you.

    With that said, this was undertaken while my time was divided between moving corpses from Tilverton into a sanctified graveyard and a million other, small, administrative tasks. Much like yourself, I was busy for most of the election.

    However, when the dust settled, it was not your office or administration that saw to it we were granted a Bishopric; thus, to my mind, no deal has been broken. You enjoyed some free labor and good will which was squandered by your own actions or miscommunication, with my Church and I getting nothing in return. I am not holding this as some kind of accusation but merely my read of the situation. If you feel strongly I am in error, feel free to present your side of things and let’s find a middle ground.

    This offer was meant to be one of equal exchange and all parties gaining something that benefits those we are tasked with looking after while, discretely, empowering our respective positions with minimal effort. I am, as ever, willing to work with people to see to it rising tides raise all ships.

    With that said, if you need assistance in creating a local Revel within Arabel and can come up with some things that need doing which don’t require my complete and undivided attention, I’m sure I can pull together something; perhaps instead of reduced taxes and crops we trade tit-for-tat. I know a gnomish designer who could pull something together on spec. By the time of the carnival, there will be other projects that need to be addressed and we can address them around that time.

    In exchange, I’d ask for you to dispatch a group of craftsmen to see our trading post erected at the city’s expense; I’ll pay the same designer myself to flesh out the interior.

    Mistral Ophirae Miavyre
    High Priestess of Akadi
    Village of Tilverton

  • @thetwistingwind


    I made the effort to communicate with you during the voting period and none of the proof of your work was shown to me.
    The miscommunication isn't on my fault.

    However, I'm glad to see that you did live up to your end of the bargain, despite the yield not being what I desired, and I apologise for any misinformed accusations of failure in my previous letter.

    Your contact's aid in building my fest hall would be greatly appreciated, however I'm certain my Minister of Commerce knows plenty with equal skill.
    Since I'd still be paying for your contact's work I'd prefer we consider it a gift given in good faith. One I'll return by paying for the interior work of your new trading post as well.
    If that's to your liking, I'd return to your original offer and accept.

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~
    Chancellor of Arabel
    Sensate of the Succubus of Sensation

  • @fearmoho12


    I agree, as I said it is a flaw I am overcoming. None the less, I'd be happy to do business within these conditions.


    Mistral Ophirae Miavyre

  • ((Received, will make a response later. Slightly confused, are we able to see the responses the others make, or is it assumes only Ophirae and the recipient per response?))

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    //I don't think either party would've passed on their replies, no. Unless @Fearmoho12 did!

  • //Nope. Only @ed TW.//

  • Mistral,

    I will attend this and decide whether or not your village and such continue to serve the best interests of my people.

    Faenor Farthrow

  • @saoshyant said in A finely presented letter to Lord Bhaliir, Chancellor of Arabel, Dwarven Host:


    We would be honored, thank you for your response.


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Mistral of Akadi

  • A response finally arrives with a carrier from Suzail.

    Mistral Miavyre,

    How delightful. I will certainly be present for this carnival.

    As you know, my house has ever been the masters of Caravans in the Eastern Marches. The Re-establishment of a trading post in Tilverton would mean the return of Moonsea Ride as an important trade route that it was before. According to many whispers here at the capital- The war-ravaged land of the Dales is in dire need of supplies if it is to recover.

    Were you to help ensure a constant stream of my goods to the Dales and should you grant me the rights to several properties in Tilverton, I will certainly help you with these projects of yours.

    We must discuss more once I return.

    Lord Bhaliir