Reward Notice: Magical Fox

  • Adventurers of Arabel

    A reward of UP TO 1,000 gold coin offered for information regarding a particular spellcasting fox, white on the snout, red in coloration, potentially tied to the fey realm and possibly residing therein. Note: This fox is a little bigger than most foxes, and should answer to the name of Stash.

    The fox might be found near portals, places of high magical concentration, or similar.

    150 for a sighting or a story; 500 for sold information leading to his location; 1,000 coin for his location outright and a bonus if you take me there.

    Contact Prowl, Legion Archmage, via the Pit (Artificery Department; go in, take a left).

    Do not attempt to fight this fox. Don't scare it, don't harass it, definitely don't kill it - I'm serious, the weave will unbind, buildings will collapse, time will bifurcate leaving the transient nature of causality in its wake, don't do it.

  • Following certain other notices, the following is added to most of the posters:

    2,000 gold and the secrets of a Noble House of Cormyr.

    Or similar reward at discretion.

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