House of Greed

  • Trying to put together an informal group of thieves and greedy gold lovers. No real rules except steal all we can. Leadership and membership will be loose and fluid. Can join as main faction or moonlight on the side from your main faction as long as thieving and earning gold the old fashioned dishonest way is your thing. Can come in on a one time job or stay for the whole show. Main objectives will be to plan and pull off minor and grandiose capers, cons, kidnappings, racketeering, good ole muggery, anything a self respecting thief/thug/greedy bastard would enjoy, and see what it builds into. Treasure baths will be provided after any large scores.

    PM, post here, or IG meet up if interested. New or current characters. Any classes and alignments but the obvious ones that wouldn't work

    "In Gold We Trust"
    "We steal we don't kill...unless you're paying of course"

    -Father Gold