A letter to Lady THundersword

  • Lady Thundersword,

    Present the charges you desire to hold against Minister Lengram, along with evidence. Do not tarry.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • Lord Bhaliir,
    The evidence is public, most of it. The rest is in your new wardens hands.

    I will argue, that Olivier Lengram sought to undermine the office of the warden. He did so, using a bonkers charge of corruption against myself. He and his brother conjured up a bogus investigation of corruption against me, seeking to undermine the office. They used it to try and shield themselves from having to follow orders of the office of the warden. They created a narrative, of me being corrupt, too harsh with the flogging, and similar minor crap, spreading sedition.

    Olivier Lengram undermined the office of the warden in public (you bore witness), when Pierre was to be disciplined. He did it publicly upon the bulletin boards. He did it within the Militias own files, by trying to overrule the orders of the warden on more than one occasion.

    Olivier took Pierre into the Militia tower, when Pierre refused to hand in his uniform after I had fired him. Knowing the two were stronger than I, I asked for backup, and had Ibrahim and Faeylinn escort me into the tower, making them temporary deputies. I followed the sound of closing doors, and found Pierre and Olivier in the tower, weapons drawn. Neither myself, Ibrahim or Faeylinn had weapons drawn. 3 times I asked them to stand down, so that But Olivier kept yelling of intruders. I told him, calmly that they were with me. I told Olivier a final time to stand down, put away his weapons and let me fire Pierre. I counted down from 3, and when I reached two, the two began drinking potions and attacked me, the warden.

    Pierre "Porky" refused the authority of the warden, claiming himself to be one of "Tallstags" boys. You witnessed how he refused to speak after being put in his cell, until Tallstag arrived. Furthermore, when I whispered to Pierre before I flogged him, I asked him to resign instead. "Just stop this Pierre, I asked" He yelled "what, you want to kill me?!" in public, thus trying to deliberately undermining me, and seeking to frame my intentions.

    Percival Lengram spread slander and falsehood within the Militia ranks. Going directly against the wardens orders, he snuck into the Militia tower, and freed Pierre from his cell, while I was informing my two lieutenants of what had transpired.

    The day Percival showed up in town, I saw when he made Oliviver and Pierre privates under his direct command. Therefore, I will argue that the three are a unit, and that their deeds are of one entity.

    When I took office, I sought to hand them an olive branch. I even contacted Judge Johan, because it seemed their "investigation into me" was based on the ruling he made during the trial of Benjamin Barkley. They used this to further their accusations of corruption, spreading falsehood and distrust against me. I tasked them to gain permission to conduct such an investigation from their two lieutenants, yet they still believed this to be "interfering with an investigation".

    I cannot prove it, but I found a note in our files, stating that Tallstag wanted a militia man in charge as warden, no matter what. That Pierre claimed to be one of Tallstags boys, that Tallstag was the chosen warden by Elodie, and that Tallstag protected them, leads me to believe they may all four be part of this.

    As to evidence, all I can offer outside of the Militia files are these witness statements:

    @o-louth said in Announcements from the City Militia [PCs]:


    Citizens of Arabel,
    It is with heavy heart, that I must pen this announcement. However, I campaigned in the election for greater transparency, and I have never lied, nor will I go back on my word.
    Three members of the Militia, Percival Lengram, Pierre Brisbois, and Olivier Lengram, have long been known amongst the adventuring community for their controversial approach to the law and its enforcement. Since I was appointed Warden, these three individuals have committed numerous acts of sedition, seeking to undermine the institution given charter by The King, the institution meant to protect your way of life.
    I have sought to keep true to the promise I made to several who voted for me, that I would seek to balance the foul actions of these three. This culminated yesterday, when Olivier Lengram, Minister of your elected chancellor, and Pierre Brisbois publicly undermined the authority of the warden, refused a suspension, spread lies and falsehood of murder threats and more. It culminated within the Militia Tower, where during an effort to dismiss Pierre Brisbois from service, Olivier Lengram and Pierre Brisbois attacked myself and my two deputies, Faeylinn and Ibrahim of the Golden Guard.
    Pierre Brisbois was subdued and placed in a cell, while Olivier Lengram ran like a coward. As I assembled my lieutenants to inform them of the transgressions, Percival Lengram snuck into the cells of the Militia, and abused his authority to bully a private of the militia to free Pierre Brisbois from his incarceration.

    When confronted by this horrible breach of YOUR security, Chancellor Elodie instead pardoned the three men, and ordered me to remove the warrants for their arrest. To further protect them, Chancellor Elodie, without consent from the Warden of the North, created her new special guard. By word of the criminal Percival Lengram, the Guard cannot be held accountable to the law, as they only answer to the Chancellor herself.

    The Militia of Arabel is chartered by the King himself, to be the sole enforcers of the Kings Laws in Arabel. It is by said charter, that it draws is authority, and is given the tools necessary to protect the citizens of Arabel. However, the Warden of The Militia, must still follow the orders of the Chancellor. And by her words, orders and deeds, these three criminals shall never be punished for their transgressions.
    This is despite the Chancellor being given written testimony by eye witnesses during Pierre Brisbois’ public disciplinary flogging, and by Lord Foril Bhaliir, Faeylinn and Ibrahim of the Golden Guard and myself within the tower.

    As the Warden of the City Militia, I can no longer condone this utter disregard for the laws of Cormyr, but I am forced by actions of these three criminals, and especially by the actions and misdeeds of our Chancellor, I am left with only two options.
    **I can either enforce the Kings Laws, and order the militia to apprehend the three criminals, thereby disregarding your choice in the election, **
    Or I can break my oath and duty to enforce the Kings laws as Warden of his Militia, thereby tarnishing the Militia I am intended to serve.
    It is therefore with heavy heart, that I effective immediately, suspend myself from my position as Warden of the City Militia.
    Knowing the Chancellor will try and keep this information secret, my last act as Warden is to place in your hands the written testimonies that your chancellor has disregarded. You chose her for your chancellor, but I can no longer protect you from her.

    Elestra Thundersword
    Former Warden of Arabels Militia


    [File of documents from Warden Thundersword distributed across many bulletins]

    @o-louth said in Lieutenants: The trouble of a divided militia, and now the rebellious Lengrams.:

    @Bowser @SpiffyMeister

    After another day of Private Pierre mouthing off, disobeying orders and undermining my authority in public, I sentenced him to disciplinary flogging, 5 lashes. I asked him and Olivier to accompany me, and they did, to the stocks. Pierre continued to mouth off:
    Pierre Brisbois: But who'tht gonna flog me?
    Pierre Brisbois: You?
    Pierre Brisbois: Don't make me fucking laugh.

    I asked him to kneel, so we could get this horrible matter dealt with, but he would not. "I do not neal to tyrants!" he said. Sergeant Lengram undermined my authority in public, stating:
    "As a follower of Tyr I would lie to anounce my moral objection to the proceedings on the grounds that the good Lord of Justice doth frown upon acts of tyranny. Were this one of the Wardens friends she would be here objecting in my place. As minister of defence and on behalf of the chancellor I wholehearted and publicly condemn the following proceedings."

    I whispered to Pierre "Final chance, do not make this worse", and Pierre started yelling "You want to kill me!?" I decided I had had enough, and fired Pierre in public. Yet he refused to hand over his uniform.

    So instead of following my orders, Sergeant Lengram had Pierre run into the tower with him. I hired my two allies in the bloodstone ordeal, Ibrahim and Faey of the Golden guard,s and went inside to fire Pierre.

    I found Lengram and Pierre upstairs, weapons drawn. I ordered them to stand down, but they refused. I ordered them to stand down, but they refused again. As I counted to three, the two began enspelling themselves, so I subdued them with the help of the two mercenaries. However, Lengram escaped.

    I have placed Pierre in a cell, awaiting your counsel.

    Warden Thundersword

    @o-louth said in Lieutenants: The trouble of a divided militia, and now the rebellious Lengrams.:

    @angryowl said in Letter: Warden Elestra Thundersword:


    As requested here is my write up of what happened today in regards the the piglet and the pretty-boy.

    A group had gathered in the Spire with the intent of hunting down a group of Drow, the group included yourself. As we were preparing to leave some matter drew you away from the group and I saw you approach the... at the time... Private Lard. I missed how the interaction started but I did hear him and Retainer Christoph speak in very disrespectful ways to you, which you then ordered Private Fatass to go with you for punishment, I believe a beating of some kind. I was only half paying attention at this point, I admit.

    Upon my arrival to the stocks outside of the Militia Tower to witness said beatings I witnessed Sergeant Olivier Lengram repeatedly try to overrule and undermine your authority to punish the Private. Repeatedly telling him to do things counter to your orders and belittle your own person, despite even Lord Bhaliir's repeated statements to the Sergeant to cease such actions. The Private continued his sneering and offensive behavior towards your person, including calling you, the Warden, a bitch in front of civilians and refusing to obey your lawful orders. When you announced his dismissal from the Militia the Sergeant once again tried to overrule you and told the now former private to ignore your dismissal and to return to the Militia tower. I believe he claimed his position of Minister of Defense gave him such rights but I could have sworn it said specifically that the Minister of Defense had no power to protect Privates in the Chancellor's write up of his powers and responsibilities. But I digress.

    The Private indeed did disobey your orders to turn in his uniform and keys and badge and instead walked away from your person and entered the Militia Tower along with Sergeant Lengram. Lord Bhaliir declared the man to have stolen property from the Crown as he unlawfully has Militia property in his possession and charged us citizens with stopping the thief and retrieving the Crown's property. Yourself, the Warden, then offered the members of the Golden Guard near by, namely Myself and Ibrahim, a job in assisting you in doing so. We both agreed to the work and followed with you into the Militia Tower.

    Upon reaching the second floor, with myself sticking to the shadows, we came upon both the former Private and Sergeant Lengram. The former private was once again fully clothed in his now illegally owned Militia armor. You, the Warden, then ordered the Sergeant to stand down and for the former Private to hand over the Militia's property. They both refused and demanded of you, the Warden, that Ibrahim who was there with both your permission and under order of Lord Bhaliir be removed from the tower. You once more ordered them both to stand down which they both refused once more. Instead they both drew their weapons and began to casting magical wards upon themselves. When I saw the Sergeant swing his blade at your person in an attack, I moved to help defend your esteemed personage and follow through with what I was asked of by both yourself and Lord Bahliir, I struck down the former Private before he could attempt to kill you with his large scythe.

    After the former Private fell I turned my focus onto Sergeant Lengram who, at the time of my turning to look upon him, was swinging his sword at you while Ibrahim sought to defend you. I once more joined the fight to help protect yourself from his attack at which point he tried to flee, locking doors behind himself to re-apply his wards and heal, once more swinging his blade when you unlocked each door. He then, seeming to realize he wasn't going to be able to wound you, used a potion to increase his speed and fled, with Ibrahim giving chase. After making sure you were alright I followed where I ran into Lord Bhaliir and informed him of what happened. Ibrahim then returned to inform us that Sergeant Lengram had fled into Old Town.

    You then officially placed the former-Private in jail for his crimes where he continued to be insulting towards yourself and refused to answer any questions asked by yourself or Lord Bhaliir, claiming to only speak to Lt. Tallstag and even so far as told you and Lord Bhaliir to 'fetch' the Lt, as if you two were his personal messengers and not his superiors.

    I pen this account to you and claim it all to be truth as I witnessed them.
    I swear so upon my oaths to Erevan Ilesere.

    • Faelynn of the Golden Guard

    @o-louth said in Lieutenants: The trouble of a divided militia, and now the rebellious Lengrams.:

    @hellzyeah said in Elestra Thundersword:

    As per your request, a reporting of the incident that occurred on the Eighth of Ches, in the year of 1397.

    The incident began in the spire- We had gathered to do some work exterminating some Drow in the Underdark, when the fat Private entered the Spire. He failed to recognize the Warden and his superior the Sergeant, and so was taken to the Downtown square for a flogging.

    During which he adamantly refused, and so was apparently stripped of his rank. The Sergeant, acting as the Chancellor's Defense minister, took the (now) Citizen into the tower. It was at this point that the Warden contracted and deputized myself and one of my Company to assist her in the removal of him from the Militia tower and the retrieval of the items granted to his position.

    We entered, and found them near what I presume to be the Barracks. They took some significant issue with my presence, despite the fact we were not bearing weapons. It was after some accusation of the Warden being in our pocket (It can be verified by even a cursory interview with those present that we did nothing until requested by Lord Bhaliir and the Warden of the Militia deputized us) that the Sergeant began to drink potions and moved to attack the Warden.

    It was here I drew my weapons, and myself and my man defended the warden. The Former private was downed quickly, but the Sergeant resisted more and eventually escaped to Old Town. The rest of the hour was spent putting the Citizen in a cell while he obstinately refused to talk. Then I came here and wrote this.

    -Ibrahim Cihan
    Commander of the Golden Guard
    alt text

    @o-louth said in Lieutenants: The trouble of a divided militia, and now the rebellious Lengrams.:

    @listen4silence said in Lord Warden Thundersword:

    Handed to Elestra IG

    Lord Warden,

    M'lady, Mehmen was asked by his dear friend, Faefae to send you an accounting of what he saw this day in the market square.

    The curtain rises:

    Front house/ Centre stage; Mehmen came to the market late, he was in time to see the fat Private stripped of his uniform after his spanking, arguing with the Lord Warden (you). The Sergeant with the glorious blonde lockes stood (in the wings, stage left) and shouted at the fat Private to return to the barracks. The Lord Warden dismissed the fat Private from service. The Blonde Sergeant once more chimed out, calling what occured a farce, ordering the Fat one back to the barracks once more, this time saying so he could have words alone with the Lord Warden (you) with his Minister of Defence hat on .

    In the left and right wings; Lord Bhaliir attempted to mediate by pointing out that the Wardens (your) decision was made, and that Blondie should cease publicly undermining her (you). Blondie sassed His Lordship back saying it was not his concern. Lord Bhaliir pointed out that the safety of the people depends on the Militia, so it was his concern. Mehmen thinks blondie is fortunate to be in Cormyr; In Calimport, to speak to nobility so would get a man flayed or worse.

    Meanwhile, Centre Stage; Lord Warden Thundersword (you), commanded the Fat Private to hand back his uniform. Fatty's response was to say he was "with Tallstags boys" and "don't take orders from a fucking bitch" (apologies any ladies reading this, Mehmen is quoting). From the stage left; the Blonde Sergeant ordered the Private to start walking and declared it a farce once more. At that Fat Private and Blonde Sergeant departed for the Militia Tower.

    In the wings of stage right; Lord Bhaliir was aghast that a commoner would refuse to return Crown property. The Lord Warden at that point followed the pair off stage to the tower, wisely accompanied by the fearless Ibrahim, the ever sneaky Faefae and Lord Bhaliir.

    What occured off stage, within the Tower, Mehmen cannot comment on. Though if you wish, he could offer wild conjecture and supposition. However, He did witness Blonde Sergeant running from Ibrahim, like Mehmen from and angry husband.

    The End..?

    If Mehmen is needed to clarify any of what he saw, simply call upon him dear Lady. Or please send Ysolt (not Blondie, Fatty or the Other one). Mehmen has no wish to be brutalised in the same way another of Mehmen's friends was. Mehmen is too handsome for brutalising.


    So I will risk my life, going into a court of Tyr with the truth. If I fail, then I have at least risked my life fighting the corruption I sought to be elected to fight.

    Lady Thundersword