Letter to Judge Johan

  • [A copy of the public correspondance between the pair O. Lengram and Lady Thundersword is enclosed.]

    Honourable Judge Johan

    I beseech thee in the name of the good Lord Tyr to oversee a trial wherein both mine and the Lady Thundersword's life hang in the balance. She alleges that I am a source of corruption within the militia and our fair city at large. Yet I believe her accusations to be based upon assumptions, conjecture and fantasy. So I would stake my life upon it. Should she prove my wrong doing I will submit myself to be executed by her sword. Should she fail the Lady Thundersword has agreed to fall upon her blade as penance.

    Neither of us wishes to see unnecessary bloodshed as a result of something that can be settled by Tyr's grace. You are the only one I believe to be truly impartial. Favouring neither candidate more than the other.

    Please aid us in illuminating the will of Tyr,

    Sergeant O. Lengram
    Minister of Defence

  • I shall consent on a single condition, as you have missed a single possible outcome I foresee from the details I have already reviewed in my position.

    Should I find you both guilty, you shall hang from opposite ends of the same rope and dance your last jig together.

    Judge Johan

  • That sounds like a perfectly poetic fate to befall us should such prove to be the case. I will forward your response to the Lady Thundersword. If she finds such to be agreeable then we shall proceed with the trial.

    You have my thanks!

    Sergeant Olivia Lengram
    Minister of Defence

    [Judge Johan's response is forwarded to Elestra Thundersword // @O-louth //along with a small note.]

    Are you prepared to stake your life upon your allegations or do you fear the truth will be your undoing? Judge Johan has agreed to oversee the trial as stipulated in my terms. You need only consent and we can proceed.

    Sergeant Olivia Lengram
    Minister of Defence

  • Accepted.
    E. T

  • Honourable Judge Johan,

    Both parties have agreed to hold themselves to your judgement on this matter. All that remains is to arrange a suitable time to commence the proceedings.

    Sergeant Olivia Lengram
    Minister of Defence

    // I'm available any time, though would prefer something GMT friendly if possible. So it's mostly down to you guys to decide what time/date to go with.

  • @mozart-of-orcs I am five GMT now and can do Tuesday or Wed. Will catch you two in Discord if I can. Next week is more open though.

  • ((You two set a time, and shoot me a PM, and I will be there. But yes, GTM friendly or it will have to be a trial by absentia))

  • Upon reflection I have determined that I cannot in good conscience take part in this affair. The absence of any physical presence of my opponent within Arabel has enlightened me to the truth of the matter.

    Know that it was for genuine concern for the populace at large that I thought to hold these proceedings. As time passed I realize that my opponents threats were nought but a lamentable dirge of regret for opportunities cast aside. I weep for her broken heart and have not the strength in my own heart to assist her in ending the pain.

    I deeply regret having wasted the courts time, but the fires of both of our passions seems to have faded. What is left is but an ember that so desperately wants to be treated as an inferno. If there is a penance to be done. I throw myself at the feet of Tyr and beg that it is a merciful one.

    O. Lengram