• @Gallant

    Miss Prowl,

    I don’t know if you remember me, nor how fondly, but perhaps it’s fate that finds us crossing paths once more. As you may or may not know, Tilverton’s curse was broken by my church and the work of many people along with it. Seeing it, the Crown has granted us a charter to run the village under Akadian principles and without interdiction in all but the most serious violations of Cormyrian law; things like slavery and such.

    Put to a fine point, infringing on someone’s autonomy within the Bishopric of Tilverton is considered a capital crime. Arabellian law does not, cannot, willnot apply here-- I’m not going to promise the stars and moon, but maybe we can find a way to break that ugly collar you’re saddled with.

    We just raised our college, too, so there’s something for you to poke fun at and provide snide commentary disguised as wit. Then afterwards, maybe you’d set the shelves right and develop more spells like Prowl’s Yank as a citizen of the village. Or, maybe instead you set up your own business or a million other things as a due right of a free person.

    Just some thoughts from an old admirer of your talents and potential.

    Ophirae Miavyre
    Mistral (High Priestess) of Akadi

    Village of Tilverton

  • Tell me that I get a prettier cloak fit for a mage and I'll pop this one apart like a lock.

    Problem is, I think someone around here will kill me if they figure out I can do that. Apparently the rest of the Capitals are already dead and someone forgot to click-clock me. I was waiting for the War Wizards but, well, beggars cant be choosers now, can we?

    Got a plan for what to tell the angry sword wielding people?


  • @redgallant

    As a citizen of Tilverton, you would be afforded rights under our laws and by our charter (enclosed). Put simply, you are a subject of the Crown, but you are a citizen of Tilverton; independent of Arabel's charter and laws. So long as you're not violating their laws in grievous ways, I can't imagine there will be an issue.

    That said, I can speak with the warden and make sure things are clear and in the open if you like.


    @thetwistingwind said in Our New Village Charter:

    As some of you know, the Lord Warden has granted the village an official charter. The loose outline of it reads like this:

    • Tilverwon will not host the Purple Dragons, consequently it’s not going to pay taxes/wages of those soldiers.
    • No taxes, fees or dues will be paid to the Crown.
    • Tilverton will be able to establish its own laws so far as those laws do not grossly violate the Crown’s. (No slavery, etc. Common sense stuff.)
    • We will be responsible for protecting the village, Woods and Moonsea Ride.
    • Failure to do so, and/or a demonstrable inability to protect the citizens of the village will result in the charter being removed.
    • The village can raise its own militia but troops may be required to bolster Dragons if the need is great enough to deal with local and larger threats.
    • The village is considered a Bishopric of Akadi.
    • We will be expected to assist in the defense of the nation against foreign national invasions. We will likewise enjoy that protection if we are attacked; these are national security issues and secular in nature.

  • Enclosed is a letter, which had been sent to her in the pit. It's got the grimy look of something that got sort of smudged in transit. It sort of smells like Prowl too.

    Prowl smells a little bit like sweat and the strange ozone scent of magical eminence. Cat-magic-burglar-thieves don't typically wear scent. One can only imagine why not, or how long this got carried, tucked into her vest.

    It's this letter.

  • Another letter is sent.

    I got to thinking; didn't Tilverwon have a wizard's spire? Giant shadowy pillar reaching up into the sky and looking all imposing? How many other mages am I going to have to wrestle for it?


  • @redgallant


    You have a choice to make, I can't make it for you; if you seek out a new life in Tilverton then you'll need to make it clear that's what you want. It comes with responsibilities and expectations like anything else, but t also comes with advantages.

    Alternatively, see about getting clemency or a second adjudication of your case; Judge Sangre is kind of a stickler for law, but she seems reasonable .

    As for the village, come take a walk through it. It's north of the east way on the moonsea ride, there's a sign post marking the path. Pretty easy to see if one's paying attention.

    The tower was burned up in the fire, we're building it all from scratch, so if you want to establish something you're welcome to toss a proposal in and see to it that it gets some traction.