An open letter to Lady Thundersword

  • @O-louth
    Lady Thundersword

    I would be delighted to face off against you in the courtroom under the eyes of Tyr if you believe you have some proof of your allegations to share. What say we put both of our heads on the chopping block so to speak. If you can prove without a doubt in a courtroom that I am a source of corruption within the ranks of the Militia then you may execute me by your own sword.

    If you fail however you will fall upon your own sword and end your shame once and for all in a manner befitting the finest of tragedy. I'm sure we could convince the good Judge Johan to oversee the proceedings and he has been more than fair with you in the past.

    I suppose you could always raise a rebellion and possibly be victorious, but I rather think you don't want to ruin the lives of your comrades in the pursuit of your own folly. I find violence to be a somewhat ugly affair and so I offer you this opportunity to conduct battle in a most beauteous of manner.

    I hope you will not disappoint me by refusing!

    Sergeant O. Lengram
    Minister of Defence

  • Accepted. Waver your "protection", but place also the heads of your brother and Pierre. If I can prove it, you face judgement according to your crimes. If I cannot, Ill fall on my sword, for then the truth of Tyr has no longer weight in Arabel.

    Lady Elestra Thundersword

  • You wish three to stake their lives for one? Yet you would accuse me of being a tyrant and a bully. I will defend myself and my actions with my life. Only the most cruel blackguard in the service of Bane would force their family and comrade to make the same sacrifice.

    It would take the venomous guile of a champion in service to the prince of lies to prove your allegations. As I cannot be certain you are not such a person. I believe it is only right that I defend myself and my own actions. Though if I have had any part to corruption on behalf of another I would be held fully accountable.

    Additionally there will be no "trial by combat" if you wish to end me it will be in a battle of words. Should your allegations be deemed truth. It would be an easy matter to apprehend my brother and Pierre to stand trial.

    Truthfully though I doubt you will accept these terms. We both know your accusations are but feeble attempts to grab for power. One last embarrassment to your name so that you can perhaps snatch victory at the expense of the lives of countless innocents in your little rebellion. Maybe you even hold a fantasy of martyring yourself. I won't presume to know!

    My offer is both genuine and more than fair. Do not let your desire to achieve total victory come at the expense of your dignity. If your cause is righteous then Tyr will guide you to victory within his hollowed court.

    Sergeant O. Lengram
    Minister of Defence

  • Accepted. But it Will be a jury of my peers or Judge Johan. None of the new “impartial”ones.


  • Splendid. Given both of our peers have a vested interest in keeping us around I believe only Judge Johan can be said to be truly impartial in all of this. I shall begin making the arrangements.

    Sergeant O. Lengram
    Minister of Defence

  • Lady Thundersword has awoken her ancient right to be trialed by her peers, and so the nobility of Cormyr will be taking this matter under consideration. Time and place will be provided in the coming days.


  • You cannot be said to be impartial in this matter Lord Bhaliir. Your relationship to the accused is well known. There is only one man who can truly be said to be impartial in this matter.

    That is Judge Johan of Tyr. None other will suffice save for a member of the royal family who sense of justice is a beacon to us all.

    Sergeant O. Lengram
    Minister of Defence

  • Overruled, Lengram. You have no right to call the nobility of Cormyr to be anything but impartial. And you can leave your gossip of my relationships to the taverns where they belong. The Nobility will act as judge, as it is the wish of Lady Thundersword. Whether or not Judge Johan can partake due to his illness, will remain to be seen.


  • Should Lady Thundersword demand her right of a trial judged by her fellow nobles, I shall fill the centre seat as Lord Hawklin's his Crown-appointed representative.
    If Lady Thundersword is content for the trial to be presided over by the honourable judge Johan, she may clarify her desires.

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~
    Chancellor of Arabel
    Sensate of the Succubus of Sensation

  • Perhaps I did not make myself clear. This case is a civil matter between myself and the Lady Thundersword. As such neither party is obligated to involve themselves until such a time as both parties agree to the terms. The terms have been outlined and your involvement has not been agreed upon by myself.

    In case this is simply a matter of confusion on your part. Let me be clear that neither party are under obligation to stand trial.

    The trial will not happen unless the above fair and just terms have been adhered.

    Put more plainly. If Judge Johan of Tyr will not oversee the case exclusively. It will not happen.

    Sergeant O. Lengram
    Minister of Defence

  • Minister Lengram,

    Cease calling the nobility of Cormyr unfair and unjust. This foolishness is doing you no good.

    Are you withdrawing yourself from the case then? You are welcome to try and see if you can settle this matter outside the courts. It'd save us all a great deal of time.

    But- If you are unwilling to acknowledge the rights of Lady Thundersword, a noble of Cormyr- then you should not be making such ridiculous proclamations in the first place.

  • I think you are incredibly confused upon what is to transpire Lord Bhaliir. The trial is an arrangement between myself and Lady Elestra Thundersword. The terms and sentencing fall outside of Cromyran law and require both parties to agree to them before it shall commence.

    Though the subject matter may touch upon legalities. It is not an official criminal proceeding under the laws of Cromyr and thus is not privy to any special considerations for nobility. I do apologize for the confusion this seems to have caused you.

    If you wish to speak for Lady Elestra as a prosecutor however she is well within her rights to elect you to do so. Otherwise please remove yourself from this affair as it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

    Sergeant O. Lengram
    Minister of Defence

  • No criminal charges present, I agree that judge Johan is the best choice. I am unable to say that I can remain impartial due to the nature of my brief, but memorable, relationship to The Lady Thundersword. I encourage anyone that is likewise compromised to do the same.

    I will ask that The Minister sign an oath of truth witnessed by a militia member, council member, or in person before the judge at trial.

    -Judge Sangre

  • The only one who is terribly confused here appears to be you, my goodman. There is no such thing as a "trial that falls outside Cormyrian law", minister Lengram. This is Arabel, and Arabel is part of Cormyr- and you are full of nonsense. As she has awoken her ancient right to a trial by her peers, her wish is therefore granted, whether or not you as a common man desire this.

    Therefore- she is to present the charges she desires prosecuted during this trial to the nobility, along with evidence, and thus this matter shall be handled with the jury.

    Whatever you planned to accomplish with this poster is now beyond your control, minister. However, you are more than welcome to seek settlement with Lady Thundersword before this trial is to take place, and she may withdraw her desire to handle this matter in court. It all depends on her, and you.

    If you have any further questions regarding the law of COrmyr- as it appears you are sorely lacking in that department- I advice you to find myself as soon as possible. I will be more than happy to elaborate you on how the justice system of our great nation has for centuries remained as one of the most just of the realm through the nobility of Cormyr.


  • @o-louth said in An open letter to Lady Thundersword:

    Accepted. But it Will be a jury of my peers or Judge Johan. None of the new “impartial”ones.


    I'd suggest reading the entire thing over lord Bhaliir, instead of only the part you thought you'd eye as an opportunity to come to the corrupt former Warden's rescue. I've taken the initiative to highlight the important part you neglected to mention. It would seem both participants in this matter seem to think that Judge Johan is an excellent choice in the matter. Your insistence to wedge yourself into this proceeding suggests you have little faith in lady Thundersword's case, lord Bhaliir. If lady Thundersword does not have faith in the ability of Judge Johan, that both involved in the case have agreed to, then she is free to withdraw herself from the proceedings.

    -Sgt. Lengram

  • Instead of goating your betters, sergeant, why dont you put your name in the hat? Especially since you sentence me as corrupt, but have never put me before a Judge. That is slander, but knowing our new warden, I doubt you Will be punished.

    Judge Johan, a crowd of commoners, even the chancellor, provided it is all public. I hide nothing, and the truth Will come out.

    Bring it you three corrupt stains on the scales of Justice. Waiver your chancellors protection, and bring This to Court shall we?


  • I'd GLADLY put my life on the line with the amount of evidence i have to your corruption, lady Thundersword should such a case be overseen by our good lord Johan and not your beloved lord Bhaliir who seems desperate to place himself into the case to come to your rescue.

    It is only slander if it is untrue and our files are filled with evidence of your malevolent nature, threats and disregard for the law.

    -Sgt. Lengram

  • Enough.

    This is preposterous. Insulting, DEGRADING. My honor and neutrality as fair and righteous judge through numerous trials and lord of Cormyr stands UNTARNISHED. I've acted as judge in several trials where any man present, including Judge Johan, could vouch that true justice was served. You yourself were present during the trial of Vorigan the Bastard of DeSchurr and delivered a verdict which you yourself deemed fair.I have ever as judge acted for the best interests of the realm and its people. You have no right to spew such insolent rubbish.

    Thus this SHAMELESS ATTEMPT to frame a Lord of Cormyr with ignoble allegations is not only untruthful, but it is further construed as utter lack of faith to the Justice System that has upheld our great nation for 14 centuries. To hear an Officer of the Law suggest such an appalling conjecture is seditious in a public forum as this. I will hereby demand your immediate resignation.


  • Yet your presence as a judge was not requested, what was requested was either a jury of her peers OR Judge Johan and everyone involved has agreed to judge Johan. Your reputation as a judge is simply irrelevant because it is judge Johan who has been the approved by all involved and none of the people involved are yourself, despite your attempts to change that for some strange reason.

    -Sgt. Lengram

  • I am finished with this trifling matter. Lady Thundersword personally requested a trial by her peers- this matter is settled. Report to your superior officer.