Note to "Warden" Christoph

  • Christoph,
    Foril says you are a man of honor. I have never seen it, but I generally trust your former lord. You have three criminals in your service. If you have honor, you will see them charged with their crimes. If you continue to wash the hands of our chancellor, then you are every bit as fucked up as she is.

    They attacked their warden. You have -all- the files in your cabinet, proving what I attempted, and what they did. If you do not act accordingly, then you are as bad as they are. And you will be treated accordingly.

    One thing is how Elodie, the Lengrams and Pierre spread their lies. You have in your hands the truth, and the tools necessary to see justice done.

    Elestra Thundersword

  • Storyteller [DM]


    Percival has been docked a weeks pay for disrespect to nobility and misconduct for plastering insults all over a public notice board.

    Pierre remains discharged from service and I have no intention to rehire him.


    Warden Ampharen

  • Mr Christoph,
    You docked a man with a weeks wager, because he let a convict out of the jail cells?
    The worst kinds of lies are the ones we tell ourselves. So even if you will not admit it to me, admit to yourself what you are. Does being "someone" matter so much to you, that ethics, morals, and any sense of self respect went out the window?

    Best of luck,
    E. Thundersword