Letter: Lord Bhaliir

  • Lord Bhaliir

    You seem to have Thunderswords ear.

    I ask that you advise Thundersword to cease her attempts to get the Militia to defect, She is purposefully trying to weaken the cities defenses for a rebellion against like it or not the elected Chancellor.

    This could most likely be construed as treason.

    It is out of respect for you I ask you to attempt to change your lovers course before my hand is forced

    Warden Ampharen

  • [Lord Bhaliir peers at the letter, ever baffled by the abrasive tone of his former retainer]


    I will require you to send me whatever it is you are construing as treasonous.

    Also, I "seem to have her ear"? And you ask this "out of respect"? I do not like the tone you are using to ask this of me, my old protege, as this sounds more like a hostile demand than a friendly request.

  • Lord Bhaliir

    I apologise for the tone used, I am however under a great deal of stress in trying to keep the city from tearing itself apart

    I awoke this morning to find this poster by Thundersword.


    She is knowingly and willfully trying to weaken the cities defenses by calling upon men to abandon the Militia. All because she wishes to lead some matter of hamfisted rebellion against the Chancellor appointed by Lord Hawklin.

    Warden Ampharen

  • Ampharen,

    That is much better. Very understandable. New position comes with new responsibilities. You knew that when you took the position. Still, never forget your roots nor your best of benefactors, hm?

    As for this poster she has made. It is indeed very bothersome she is using the criminal elements that have been allowed to remain in the militia to fuel the rage of the people. Do you have proof that she is doing this in an attempt to weaken the stability of the realm?

    Based on what I've read, some might see this as her fighting back against the corruption she's uncovered, and is rallying the populace behind her. She certainly seems to have evidence displayed to support this.

    However, I will talk about the matter with her and see if we can reach a consensus. Worry not.

  • Lord Bhaliir

    The Militia are the security and stability of much of the city, By calling upon them to resign thier posts and rally to her side as the "True Warden" as she puts it she is damaging the cities security.

    It also seems that Oliver Lengram is volunteering to face trial to dispel allegations against him.

    Warden Ampharen