Lord Foril Bhaliir

  • Foril,
    I take it that crimes and corruption matters little, as long as your retainers are given their seats of power? You SAW what happened, but there has been no outrage, no call to action?

    I stepped down, because I either had to force the militia to break the law, or allow the chancellor to do it. But you never stepped in.

    Help me stop this madness from spreading any further.


  • My love,

    You can bet I spent hours putting out the fires that were set alit by the rage that unleashed from within after reading this letter of plain insults and narrow viewpoints.

    You can be certain that aslong as you continue to bring yourself down with erratic behavior and no discretion to your actions- that a LORD PARAMOUNT of the House Bhaliir will never step in to support you.

    As an individual, your hopeful partner, and a longest and closest of friends, wish you the very best of luck in your efforts. If you seek my counsel, you know where to find me. But stop wasting my time if you want to continue making an utter mess and fool of yourself. For I can't bear to watch this.

    Yours ever hopefully,