Letter: Freya of the Dwarven Host

  • Freya,
    I promised you I would do what I could for you and your dwarves. Yet when corrupt militia attack me, when the chancellor pardons their crimes, where was the support in return?

    Corruption spreads like a sickness from the estate of the chancellor, infects the militia, turns our courts of justice into a mockery of corruption, and yet you remain silent?

    If you are as good hearted and kind minded as I believe you to be, I ask that you raise your voice, and help me in my struggles to purge this sickness, so it shall not spread any further.

    I cannot fight the devils alone. But I will if I must.

    Elestra Thundersword

  • ((Received, will make an answer later))

  • ((Sorry for the delay! I'd forgotten! Oops!))

    Lady Thundersword,

    I suppose were I human, I would be asking "What have you done for me lately?" in a condescending manner. I will listen and hear you out, but I don't like the idea of the dwarves in my care being dragged into petty human bickerings. The Host is neutral, even though I've my doubts about whether or not Ledoux is as devout as she claims.

    If she were a dwarf and being as quiet about her faith as she has been ever since the campaign, she would find herself quickly incapable of channeling blessings, as well as expelled from society for disrespecting our gods.

    Faenor Farthrow