Lord Ondryn Thundersword, Marsember

  • To my darling father,
    I pen this missive, knowing you are likely quite angered with me. I saw a man being harassed in the streets by thugs in militia uniforms. Yet never would I had known, what consequences protecting him would have. But no matter, I am certain our family will soon be welcomed into the fancy parties you know I detest so much.

    I pen you, because you told me when I departed Marsember, that "To be a Thundersword, you must chase the storms, create the thunders of glory. But in doing so, never forget that a Thunderswords first obligation is to the people." The storm is over Arabel, but to create thunder, and stop a group of corrupt bullies from destroying all that is Cormyr, I must do something that may cause more trouble than the Rowanmantle ordeal. I hope you will see the goodness of my actions, and support my attempts to stop this corruption from spreading, by sending north what you can. But if you cannot see the good I seek to do, you should consider distancing yourself from me, before I drag our family through the mud once more.

    Your loving daughter

  • My dearest daughter,

    What can your father do when you surrendered the authority you had to do something? You've chosen a path you must now walk. Make me proud of you.

    Your Father.