Letter: Claeryss

  • Storyteller [DM]


    I would like to invite you to join the Guild of Mechanists. There are several projects we are working on that you would likely enjoy and of course you can always start your own.

    I would hate for such a brilliant mind to go unfulfilled.

    Seeker Ampharen

  • Dear Seeker,

    It is an honour to be invited into yet another project involving the most brilliant minds in the city, but it worries me that I might not be around in any consistent manner for the coming month. My husband-to-be and myself are travelling and visiting family, you see - and yes, there are portals, but I'd rather return only in case of emergency.
    Plus, I am an enchantress, a historian, an anthropologist, a researcher of the mind - none of that includes mechanical... Gizmos and whatnots. I used to help my brother at the Songforge years ago, and I studied and maintained some of the Warforged when they were first given citizen status in Cormyr but that's the extent of my knowledge in your field.

    To boys, their toys, hm?

    Still, I remain at your service, Seeker, should you require support in any of the fields I do specialize on. Salutations from not-so-rainy Marsember! We'll bring you, guys, some spices.


    144 Market Priakos Av., alleyway door 2
    Marsember, King's Cormyr