Missive to several mages of Arabel

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    [A copy of this letter is sent to Claeryss, Etholycus and Horace]

    Dear colleagues,

    I'm seeking information on how to accomplish a magical effect to use as an art installation in Tilverton.

    We are hoping to raise an inn soon that will be known as the Ornery Badger and owned by Penny Glimwater, priestess of Mystra. One of the features we would like is an animated mural depicting the history of Tilverton. I believe Penny will be handling the artistic side of things, but I'm wondering how we might achieve the animated effect.

    If anyone has information on how to make an illusion or transmutation spell permanent for cosmetic purposes, could you let me know? I'll be conducting my own research as well.

    Morgan Faulkner
    Town Planning Administrator for Tilverton
    Apprentice to Mistral Ophirae Miavyre of the Church of Akadi

  • *The scholar of mental matters reads the letter between patient files and husband aggro, sighing after making certain that it was meant for her. She penned a quick response. *

    Dear Morgan,

    It is an illusionist you seek. Search for a bard, they use illusions the most. The rest of us only use variants of invisibility and displacement.

    *A blotch of ink, as if Claeryss had pondered a moment, or was interrupted. *

    Do remember that illusionary magic is a closely related to shadow magic. To tell the story of how you beat back the dark, with an illusion? Now that is adding salt to the wound - think that'd be funny.

    Your friend and colleague,