Letter to Faelynn

  • @AngryOwl


    As you requested, information about the Morndinsamman.

    Moradin, the All-Father, is the leader of the Morndinsamman and divine father of all dwarves. He oversees crafting, the dwarven race, protection of the race as a whole and wages wars against enemies of dwarvenkind. The tenets of Moradin are to honor Moradin as we honor our clan leaders, to found new kingdoms, clan lands and lead dwarves according to Moradin's traditions.

    Berronar Truesilver, the Revered Mother, is wife to Moradin and divine mother of all dwarves. She stands for protection of young dwarves, loyalty, watching over marriages and unity of dwarven clans. Her tenets are to protect young dwarves, to never break oaths, never succumb to greed and draw strength of spirit from dwarven law, traditions and homes.

    Gorm Gulthryn, the Eternally Vigilant, is the god of dwarven vigilance and guardianship of dwarven holds. He stands for vigilance, protection of dwarven homes, kingdoms and lands and defense as a whole. His tenets are to protect dwarven children, to always be vigilant and alert and to be prepared to sacrifice one's self to ensure the community survives.

    Clangeddin Silverbeard, the Father of Battle, is the god of honorable combat, valor and battle itself. He stands for valor, honor in battle and waging war against giants and giantkin. His tenets are to always be honorable in combat, to always defend kin, never falter in adversity, enjoy the challenge of a good fight and to always attack evil giants, prioritizing hill giants.

    Vergadain, the Merchant King, is the god of commerce and trade. He stands for negotiation, trading and wealth gained from such. His tenets are to always work hard, treat others with respect, seek the best bargain and to spend ones riches, encouraging further trade.

    Dumathoin, the Silent Keeper, is the god of the dwarven dead, mining and underground exploration. He stands for protection of the dwarven dead, oversight of mining and subterranean exploration. His tenets are to seek his hidden gifts beneath the surface, to keep dwarven tombs and other places of rest safe and well tended, and to assault undead, prioritizing dwarven undead.

    Haela Brightaxe, the Luckmaiden, is the goddess of chaotic battle and luck. She stands for battle, slaying evil monsters and enjoying combat itself. Her tenets are that of enjoying chaotic combat, hunting evil monsters, sparing foes who abide by codes of honor, while punishing the treacherous, liars and honorless.

    Shandrilar, the Shining Dancer, is the goddess of fertility, romance and healing. She stands for romantic courting, salvation, mercy and dominion over animal husbandry. Her tenets are to always be merciful in speech and deed, to ensure the children of Moradin are always safe and able to propagate and always celebrate life to its fullest.

    Dugmaren Brightmantle, the Wandering Tinker, is the god of invention, knowledge and scholarship. He stands for innovation, discovery and constant improvement of all aspects of dwarven craftsmanship and knowledge. His tenets that the world's secrets are waiting to be revealed, that the inquisitiveness of the young should be cultivated, that lost knowledge should be sought and to encourage experimentation for sake of it.

    Marthammor Duin, the Watchful Eye, is the god of wanderers and dwarves exploring the world outside clanholds. He stands for exploration, traveling in general and guiding lost wayfarers. His tenets are to encourage leaving safety of clanholds for exploration, spreading the teachings of the Morndinsamman to non-dwarves, helping other wanderers and sojourners and to discover the wisdom of the world in exploration.

    Thard Harr is the god of survival and hunting. Little information is known about him, past loremasters believing he holds patronage and dominion over green-colored, wild-like dwarves in the jungles of Faerun. Information about his tenets are sparse and believed to encourage goodly pursuits towards hunting.

    Abbathor, the Trove Lord, is the god of greed and theft. He stands for wealth at any costs, thieving and working in shadows. His tenets are that greed is beneficial, and that dwarves should take all of Toril's riches by any means necessary, while forbidding thieving from the Morndinsamman's followers or fellow faithful of Abbathor.

    Faenor Farthrow