Letter: Acting Warden Ampharen

  • Acting Warden,

    I wish to aid in the eradication of the Blood and Bleakstone trade. They are most vile items and those that perpetrate their creation and use are foul.

    I requested a meeting with the former warden through one of the privates but that as well as my attempts to speak with her went unacknowledged.

    Only last evening I with others took the battle to the very heart of the Stone trade, raiding a safe house of the Cobble Demons. Happily none surrendered so they were all put to the fiery sword of true Justice for their heinous crimes.

    I stand ready to continue under your auspice. Evil must not go Unchallenged. Wicked acts must be confronted.

    Chained Herald to Sariel

  • Serafina

    Whilst I agree that the infernalists among the cobble demons must be wiped out slaying every single member will accomplish little to harm the trade.

    If you could capture a member alive and see them brought to the militia tower I'll have a Private or Sergeant question them.

    Acting Warden Ampharen

  • Per the request of the Chancellor, find below my report.

    Raid #2

    Purpose: Capture a leader/senior member to interrogate for information on gang and blood/bleak/infernal stone trade.

    Present: Mehmen, Elias Goldfury, Ragnor

    • Previous raid on another location was unsuccessful.
    • I attempted to capture a cell leader during a recent raid of a hide out.
    • We encountered much heavier resistance than the prior one. Many divine?? casters brought forth power to deny us
    • We drove into the heart of the hideout where we successfully captured what we thought to be a leader.
    • We were beset upon by many within Old Town, rallied by yet another cell of Cobble Demons
    • The prisoner successful fled, see below, and vanished into the gathering mob.
    • We were badly beaten and tossed from the Old Town with a warning to not come back. That they spared our lives is a point of curiosity, we had not to that point, nor would we have in the heat of the moment.

    Information gathered from the captured Cobble Demon

    • Confused why we were attempting to drag him out to face questions
    • Claimed to not worship any demon, rather the raw force that is Chaos of the Limbo. It is the power of chaos- the chance to change destiny itself. To turn Tyche's coin when she flipped it upon your birth and altar your fortunes!
    • Claims that some worship demons, devils, angels, and otherworldly powers. Some might seek out the slopes of Celestia- others might seek service to the Hells. It's their choice- and we merely protect each other in their choice!
    • Claims to have never killed anyone

    Chained Herald of Sariel

  • Serafina.

    Find me for a reward for this information.

    Warden Ampharen

  • @verk Warden,

    I've not received the letter of introduction to Judge Johan you agreed to provide. When can I expect it? Time is not in our favor.

    Chained Herald of Sariel

  • Serafina.

    The best way to speak to the Judge is to simply go and do so.

    You don't need a letter of introduction.

    Warden Ampharen

  • That's not what we agreed to. I will remember that you lied straight to my face. Is this to be the norm in my efforts to make the city safe? I confess this lack of follow through and help does not surprise me.


  • I have half dragons, lycans and more roaming the streets that I need to have monitored.

    You pestering me for letters takes my valuable time.

    If you are incapable of putting one foot in front of the other and walking into a building open to the public then you cannot be all that dedicated to investigating if the Judge is ill or not.

    Warden Ampharen

  • You agreed. You broke your word. The letter you just penned making more excuses took longer then keeping your commitment.

    Monitoring is laughable. People of substance act. I know you for what you are and am saddened for what comes because of it.


  • Monitoring is what is done until they break the law.

    All races even disgusting tieflings and drow are allowed by Cormyrian law until they commit crimes.

    Such is the wish of the King.

    Warden Ampharen

  • Raid #3

    Attempted but our information was outdated and they had moved. //transition was broken//


  • Raid #4

    Having learned another location for the Cobble Demons a group was assembled.

    Montgomery Belchmor
    Valeria Ashwood
    Biabo Aelgen
    Stephan Shawbrooke

    We were overwhelmed and barely escaped with our lives. Badly beaten but not broken I am recovering my strength and healing before another attempt is made. It is possible that they laid a trap for us so they may be away of a mole in their ranks.

    In service,

  • Serafina.

    My thanks for the report.

    I grow tired of the gangs of Old Town stifling the peoples ability to innovate and be creative.

    Should you pledge yourself to remove these blights I will see you equipped with fine weapons of war, cheap and powerful golems to be called forth in battle and discounts on potions and wands.

    All you must do is make it known that you are thankful for Gonds gifts to aid you in your endeavours.

    Warden Ampharen, Champion of Gond