Declarations of the Acting Warden

  • Citizens of Arabel.

    I have been appointed by Chancellor Elodie to lead the Militia over the coming days

    My first order of business will be to heal the rift that has begun to form in the ranks. Arabel will be protected by a united and strong militia not a weak and divided one.

    I will task those who serve under me with investigating and weakening the Blood and Bleakstone trade, These vile items harm souls and are an affront to the gods.

    Those with questions or concerns may seek me out to discuss them

    Acting Warden Ampharen

  • Adventurers with information on the bloodstone trade are to pass this information to the militia.

    Useful information will be well rewarded.

    Acting Warden Ampharen

  • I will pay 3000 out of my own pocket to whichever bounty hunter delivers Rouland the Cyricist to the Militia Tower.

    This is on top of the standing bounty of the Militia

    Attacks on the Militia will not go unpunished

    Acting Warden Ampharen

  • The Militia is seeking deputies to join the ranks

    we especially seek Arcanists to bolster the Arcane division

    Deputies will serve a one week trial period to learn procedures and either reccomended for promotion to Private or dismissed.

    Those seeking to join should ring the bell at the tower

    Acting Warden Ampharen