A letter to all members of the Council: Introductions, Congratulations, and Word of Warning

  • Now that the Council has finally settled down, we can at last get to work for the prosperous future of the Northern Realm. I will be here to help you see the gospel spread by Elodie Ledoux become reality. But first- a brief introduction, congratulations- and a word of warning.

    I am Lord Foril Bhaliir- the Protectorate of Old Town, the LORD PARAMOUNT OF HOUSE BHALIIR and the Lord of Stormfort. At present day my sole focus is on the restoration of my new home. In the past- I have earned the confidence of my peers and the love of my people with copious dedication. Through the allies of my house, are our lands kept safe, as threats fall, one by one, from the darkest pits of the world under- to the lowest scum of our hometown.

    As the paragon of humanity, I value intelligence and wisdom above all the other qualities of mankind. Our intelligence has ever served as our means to acquire and preserve knowledge. Our wisdom gained through experience, knowledge and good judgement will keep us from making mistakes. Together, these qualities will ensure the success of this council, the trust of the people and the prosperity of our nation.

    You, who read this letter, have been granted the honor to join the Council of Arabel for these very qualities. Elected by the Chancellor of Arabel herself, you have proven your capabilities, and thus have earned the highest of rights to represent the people of Cormyr. I thus congratulate you for attaining this honored position, and the many perks that have come with it. May you be worthy of the trust and power you are given.

    Studying the old records of the council files, you will find that I was a member of the previous council lead by Lord Hawklin that -as you may realize- fell on its back for its indecisiveness and lack of proper dialog. With this council, lack of leadership should not be an issue. Our ability to work together- remains to be seen.

    Now, I am here to ensure my experience and knowledge will serve the capabilities of the council as it is passed on to my protege and our wonderful Chancellor Elodie Ledoux. As her longest friend and tutor, I witnessed her rise from a loyal and devoted bannerman among the Bhaliirs- to become my confidant and then shortly after attaining the most prestigious seat a commoner has ever gained in Cormyr.

    This stupendous gift was granted to her with the blessing of the Dragon Throne as an experiment. King Azoun V has ever been a friend of the people, and has sought to grant new rights for the commoner. It was his decision to restore the rights of my family, and it is through his gift that we all sit here today and contemplate the future of the North- together. I've grown fond of intelligent of our wise men and women like our marvelous King and chosen chancellor- and I won't accept any attempt to undermine the dream that is built by them today.

    As such, a word of warning to all of you: As the closest of confidants to our beloved King and my esteemed peers, and as the protectorate of my people, I will be appraising the decisions and conduct of this council. As an educated and experienced man, I will be ensuring the best success of our mission here at whatever cost. If you feel uncertain and require my attention- I shall be there to offer you the open ear and my counsel, if you deserve it. Do not waste my time with needles banter.

    That is all. Best of luck, gentlemen- and most successful term to my beautiful Elodie Ledoux to this time of change.