Letter to Warden Ampharen

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    Warden Ampharen

    Congratulations on your appointment. While it is temporary now I imagine it will be made permanent before too long. I've retrieved former Private Pierre's equipment from our storage and intend to deliver them to him before long.

    I've settled back into my quarters, storing my gondite plate there. I am to report to you in short order for discipline regarding my attitude towards your predecessor. After which I would ask that you make an announcement clarifying my position to the public.

    Here is a rough outline. Subject to your evaluation.

    • The Minister of Defence holds the honorary rank of Sergeant in the Militia to facilitate better communication between the Militia and the Chancellor.

    • The Minister of Defence will be granted access to the files for reasons above.

    • The Minister of Defence shall refrain from making arrests except in cases where the Chancellor or a member of her council is involved.

    • The Minister of Defence answers to the Chancellor, however he will defer to the judgement of the Warden in her absence provided there are no conflicts of interest.

    If you have any issues with the above points I will be delighted to make amendments. We'll discuss the matter in person of course!

    Olivier Lengram
    Minister of Defence