Letter: Lord Hawklin

  • My Lord,

    The Warden appointed by you has resigned in a childish fit of rage when her plans to ruin the lives of men yet to be proved guilty of a crime were thwarted.
    I promised her a fair trial to uncover their guilt if there was any and approved of the suspension of the two Sergeants and the Private as was her right to do so, but her tantrums occur no matter the compromises I make with her.
    She has lead mercenaries into the Militia Tower to fight my Minister of Defence and attempted to ignore the Minister's rights, denying him the ability to do his job for the City Council.

    I've ordered Senior Retainer Amraphen to fill the gap she left behind temporarily and help me restore order while she faces an investigation on corruption.

    I shall update you again when I can.

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~
    Chancellor of Arabel
    Senate of the Succubus of Sensation