Letter: Christoph

  • Christoph,

    Effective immediately you'll fill the role of Warden of the Militia until the mess with Thundersword and my Guard is resolved.
    Depending on the results you might find it a permanent placement.

    Ensure that the people know my Guard are not untouchable.
    I've publicly stated the rights and exemptions of my elite guard, but I don't want the former Warden's words causing further strife.
    You'll also let them know Thundersword will face investigation for corruption and the trial of Minister Lengram will be put on hold.

    We'll discuss whether Martial Law will need to be declared while we restore order to the city.

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~
    Chancellor of Arabel
    Senate of the Succubus of Sensation

  • Storyteller [DM]

    It will be done

    You should make a formal annoucement naming me as Warden effective immediately