Notice from the Chancellor's guard:

  • Good citizens of Arabel.

    It is with heavy heart that i pen this message to you all but i cannot, in good consience listen to our good chancellor's name being dragged into the mud by the lying warden of the militia.

    Lady Thundersword, former warden, seeks to brand the three members of the chancellor guard criminals for doing our duty. Since taking the position of Warden, Lady Thundc-sword immediately noticed that within the militia files were 2 ongoing cases against her noble self. Her first task was to cut in half a fine that had already been assigned to herself and closed the case, not heeding advice from myself that it was not appropriate for anyone to handle a case where they themselves are the one under investigation.

    Then there was a capital case being put together against the former warden that she then immediately started to try to take control of, despite the honest and solid advice from myself once again. She threatened witnesses with dire consequences and threatened the honest men of the militia who were trying to work under these unbearable circumstances. When none gave in to her corruption, she made an attempt on their lives.

    Now that the truth is about to come out before the courts of Arabel, she runs like a coward from the inevitable noose of justice that is tightening around her neck. Everything she promised to fight against, she became. She became the essence of corruption herself and every act she took was to protect her noble self from charges that had started long before she was appointed Warden.

    I write this to fight against the names of good, honest men being dragged through the dirt by a corrupt warden who only sought to protect her own hide.

    -Chancellor guard Percival Lengram