Hunter of Hoar

  • @WildCat


    I don't seek Azuran's gaze for anything in particular, but rather to invite you to consider establishing yourself in Tilverton and guide the creation of a code of 'laws' that's fair and even handed without becoming ponderous and pedantic.

    The village of Tilverton is a bishopric of Akadi, a primordial power of freedom- we desire to bring people closer to our goddess by offering them the opportunity to grow into themselves with opportunities and few (but reasonable) constraints.

    Our codex of laws is simple:

    Do not kill.
    Do not steal.
    Do not tread on the autonomy of another.
    Do not allow another’s autonomy to be tread upon unless doing so would prevent harm.

    We focus on harm reduction rather than out and out punishment, but if you lean towards the more creative side of the Poet’s teachings, I think we may be a good fit.

    Perhaps we can speak in person, or if you like, come to Tilverton proper-- we’re located along the Moonsea Ride north of the village of East Way. The road is a bit rough, we’re working on that.


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Mistral (High Priestess) of Akadi

    Village of Tilverton

  • Mistral Ophirae,

    I shall visit you and announce it by sending.

    Hunter of Hoar.