Minister of Defense, Warden Thundersword.

  • I am ordering you both to sign Oaths of Truth. A War Wizard, Purple Dragon Knight, Or officer of the militia will witness this signing.

    Be advised that should evidence come to light that you are lying. You will be charged with CRIMES AGAINST CORMYR. In adfition to any other charges. We will meet and sign together, or individually.

    • Judge Sangre Del Toro

  • I'm more than willing to sign such a document. In fact I would be ecstatic to comply! Arrange a time and I shall be there quill in hand.

    Olivier Lengram
    Minister of Defence

  • "Miss Sangre,
    On behalf of Lord Warden Elestra Thundersword, I am penning this missive. I promise heard her state it, and it is her signature at the bottom.
    -Sergeant Bloathorn"

    Miss "So you have a last Name",
    You will not order me to do anything. I do not need your company to sign an Oath of Truth, as you are neither a war wizard, a Knight, nor an officer of the militia. That being said, if you see my name and signature at the bottom, you can consider it an Oath of Truth. This includes my report forwarded to the chancellor, by Private Ysolt.

    Elestra Thundersword

  • Your compliance is noted.
    Long live The King

    -Judge Sangre