Letter to Warden Thundersword

  • Warden

    The chancellor will need all the files that had been gathered in the capital case against noble self to be copied and delivered to her or one of her chancellor guards. This is important evidence in the upcoming trial and should you refuse to hand over the paperwork, that will not be looked upon favourably by the chancellor.

    -Chancellor guard Percival

  • Also the chancellor insists on chancellor guard Pierre's belongsings be returned to him immediately.

    -Chancellor guard Percival

  • Suspended sergeant Percival,
    -Warden Thundersword

  • Your refusal to hand over evidence for the trial is noted, i'm still trying to help you, your refusal to hand over the files only further confirms that your threats to get rid of us to terminate the investigation into your own case were not a bluff.
    Fortunate that copies were made already.

    However, Pierre's possessions still need to be returned, along with his gold. None of those are militia property.

    -Chancellor guard Percival

  • Percival,
    Once he is back in his cell, where he was when you let him out, his belongings will be returned. Funny how that works, the law that is.

    Warden Thundersword

  • The Chancellor guard cannot be touched by the militia warden, they only answer to the Chancellor. Is it your answer that you intend to attempt to steal former private Pierre's possessions?

    -Chancellor guard Percival

  • His belongings are placed in evidence. If you want them, contact Lieutenant Tallstag. He can also pick up his gold from him, if you can convince him.

    Elestra Thundersword