Blade Sangre

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    Morgan let slip that there seems to be some general concern about your belief in the legal status of Tilverton, and (while she did not state this) I get the feeling you’re the type of person who’ll see conspiracies where they don’t lay and, using scraps of evidence collected, will try to push the idea of something that does not at present, and will not in future, exist.

    So, allow me to put this in writing so we’re on the same page:

    Before he left, Lord Warden Hawklin signed into being the Bishopric of Tilverton. A village held by the Church of Akadi (consisting of myself as its head priest). This- to my understanding- was also recognized by the Crown under the following conditions:

    • Tilverwon will not host the Purple Dragons, consequently it’s not going to pay taxes/wages of those soldiers.
    • No taxes, fees or dues will be paid to the Crown.
    • Tilverton will be able to establish its own laws so far as those laws do not grossly violate the Crown’s. (No slavery, etc. Common sense stuff.)
    • We will be responsible for protecting the village, Woods and Moonsea Ride.
    • Failure to do so, and/or a demonstrable inability to protect the citizens of the village will result in the charter being removed.
    • The village can raise its own militia but troops may be required to bolster Dragons if the need is great enough to deal with local and larger threats.
    • The village is considered a Bishopric of Akadi, owned and operated by the church under Her gaze.
    • We will be expected to assist in the defense of the nation against foreign national invasions. We will likewise enjoy that protection if we are attacked in a similar manner; these are national security issues and secular in nature.

    You can speak to the Golden Guard or Royal Scout Daxx who were all present at this meeting if the paperwork was somehow lost.

    Now, before the election started, the Church had not been granted a charter despite our tireless efforts to cleanse the curse and secure the lands against invasion from the Shadovar and others. I had put forth the idea to various candidates that we wished to see the village officially recognized as the work of Akadi and to see it become a village raised under Her principles.

    Things like this often get lost in the shuffle, it was my responsibility to see that Tilverton was at the very least recognized as the work of Akadi’s faith regardless of what else may have come. But now that we have been granted a Bishopric, allow me to make this crystal clear: We desire only to see a village founded on Her principles, not start an insurrection, not ‘stealing from the Crown’ or something of that nature.

    Our position is that of spreading free thought, growing the faith and showing people the value of their own power through education, philosophy and autonomy. We may well fail, we may succeed, but no matter what way this all falls out, at no point will we act against the nation, his royal majesty, or the Crown.

    Had you come to me with these concerns, I would have set the record straight, but I get the feeling you and I work on similar principles so I’m putting this in front of you before you so you can put your efforts into more useful things.

    Sincerely and respectfully,

    Ophirae Miavyre
    Mistral (High Priestess) of Akadi

    Village of Tilverton

  • Mistrel,

    This is a humiliating lack of organization on our part. Scout Daxx's conformed everything a day before I recieved this letter. I offer my humblest apology, and extend to you all the gratitude that a mere blade can.

    Fear not, for I am moving on to the lower circuit courts and will no longer be investigating any of these matters. Only the petty and slanderous need fear my pedantic nature!

    Again, I apologize for this misunderstanding, I apologize for any distress this may have caused Morgan, and I am grateful for your tireless work in Cormyr.

    -Blade Sangre

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    I have been all over the legal spectrum and that of large organizations, I understand things get lost in the shuffle. I'm glad we could see this matter resolved with alacrity and I thank you for your candor now and in the future.


    Mistral Ophirae Miavyre