Letter: Faenor Farthrow

  • Greetings and good health, Faenor Farthrow

    I am Penny Glimwater, and I wish to make a deal.

    As the Dwarven Embassy doesn't really advertise details for contracting or stone carvings, I wasn't actually sure who to contact, but yours was the first name to jump to mind when my project was dropped into my lap and I was hoping that we might come to a deal.

    I have found myself in the position of building an Inn in Tilverton and have need of some stone carvings of rather exacting size and skill, and as all know, stone is the realm of the dwarven people. As a result, I have a project I would like to see completed with quality craftdwarfship.

    I would like to commission a giant stone carved badger, and a trio of regular sized ones, with wardings against wear and tear. Should this be doable, we can talk about further details.

    If you should decide that you are unable to help, would you please refer me to one of your kin who might be able to?

    Thank you for your time.

    -Penny Glimwater, of Mystra

  • Glimwater,

    I'm not a mason, I'm a healer with a hammer.

    I can, however, forward your letter to the Embassy's masons and ask them if they'd like to handle this task, none the Host under my care are known to exhibit craftsmanship in such a manner.

    Would you prefer that?

    Faenor Farthrow

  • Faenor Farthrow

    I understand, and yes, that would be acceptable.

    Thank you.

    -Penny Glimwater

  • @Arkham-Warlock

    The letter is forwarded to the dwarves in charge of apprenticeship work for the newer arrivals from Thunderholme with an extra note.


    She seems nice, I see no reason she should be denied any assistance from the Embassy. The newer workers could probably use the experience, and all of the Tilverton people have been very respectful towards our people and beliefs.

    Faenor Freya

  • Good health to you, Faenor Farthrow.

    I was wondering if there had been any developments regarding my request? I've not heard from the Embassy and was wondering if I have missed a missive somewhere?

    If it was a question of coin, I am of course, happy to pay a fair sum for service rendered.

    Or perhaps I'm impatient and want to get my inn built. I apologise if I come across as such.

    -Penny Glimwater

  • Lass,

    I'd forgotten to respond to your letter. I've long since forwarded your request to them, it's up to them to respond.

    Faenor Farthrow

  • A brief missive is dispatched to Freya.


    A few mason clans have agreed to help the Tilvertans, but on one condition. While the generosity of Men has continued to a great boon to our lives, stagnation and passive acceptance are what led us to our troubles with the Shade in the first place. If they are willing to decree a commitment to assisting the search of Kuldar's remains, the mason clans will readily agree. They too agree with the eager priest of Clangeddin that he should be sanctified.

    Thorsten Ogretoes
    Elder of Clan Ogretoes

  • @Alonsis2

    Priestess Glimwater,

    The masons of the Embassy will aid you if a commitment can be made upon behalf of the Tilverton residents to assist Thaloc of Clan Theidugan with his search for the remains of Kuldar, a dwarf-elemental who sacrificed himself to ensure the return of the Paragon of Moradin.

    Should you do this, as noted, they will readily agree to aid you. That is their sole condition for providing assistance to Tilverton in the capacity you specified.

    Faenor Farthrow

  • To Faenor Farthrow,

    I will help however I can myself, but my own time is really rather limited at the moment. I will, of course, try to be available though.

    Mistral Ophirae 'We can handle that. Kuldar was someone I consider a friend, so I would volunteer for this anyway. My time is rather limited coming up, but between the golden guard and our other community members, we can ensure a presence is there.'

    -Penny Glimwater