The Guild of Mechanists seeks new members

  • The Guild of Mechanists seeks new members.

    We are dedicated to bringing a brighter future for all by advancing technology and magic and making knowledge available to those who seek it.

    The Mithral Cithern created by the guild was vital in removing the darkness from Tilverton and allowing the towns reclimation

    Mages formerly of the Guild are welcome to join and bring their projects over and work on new ones.

    Seeker Ampharen

  • Join the Guild of Mechanists, Improve Arabel and the Region by your creativity and hard work and be exempt from the adventurers tax.

    Find support on your projects from some of the most skilled smiths and mages around.

    Contact Seeker Ampharen to join

  • The Guild still welcomes new members!

    Opportunities are on offer to work on exciting projects such as Ele-Metal weapons! Wonders of Gond that will breathe new creation from the husk of the fallen spirit of Mount Rasurwa.

    Or you will be free to work on your own projects and will have the support of the Church of Gond as long as your ideas are creative or will bring forth new knowledge.

    Seeker Ampharen

  • fresh posters go up

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