Letter: Valient Kraliqh

  • Mr. Kraliqh,

    Please submit an application for the role of Minister of Commerce. I trust none with the role's power more than the man who's managed the city's trade and treasury for the past several years.
    The application is a formality and only to be used to ensure there's a paper trail for every action I make on behalf of Arabel.

    The second most appealing application submitted to the Council of Arabel will be assigned to you to organise tax collection and liaise between the Council and contractors in person.

    Warm thoughts,

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~
    Chancellor of Arabel
    Sensate of the Succubus of Sensation

  • Admin [DM]

    My dear,

    I've been managing the city treasury for awhile now. I imagine it will be a smooth transition for me to do beneath your administration.

    Please specify your financial priorities in the city and I will delegate accordingly.

    Simply use percentages to indicate priority. I will allocate funds accordingly. It's also advised you allocate funds for a 'rainy day' project just incase some major catastrophe comes up. Hardcastle was a lean man, but Under Lhal these mysteriously vanished, with their recovery under Hawklin slow.

    //OOC: Simply delegate financial priorities such as: 10% towards Militia, 20% towards refurbishment of districts, X percent toward festivities, etc... obviously, the more you dedicate towards a project, the more effective it will be.



    Attached to the Letter is a variety of resumes and investment credentials

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