The scattered thoughts of Lenny Bars

  • What a great first impression Lenny drunk and sobbing on the ground. Though it was do to heartbreak. Rosanna though I do not understand why you left me for my brother hopefully in time I will learn to except it. But you my brother my twin are dead to me. These are things I wish I could say to them both but I can not for deep in my heart I still love them. I need to just look forward keep moving one step at a time. Also need to try and stay away from the ale for a while. Just remember you where already at your lowest point no wheres but up from here right. Right...

  • My love

    With my dreams I see
    So beautiful and divine
    A princess nay a goddess
    So holy and sublime
    I tried to take your hand
    But then you fade away
    I pray to the heavens
    Beg for you to stay
    Why is I only see you
    Deep within my mind
    My love my heart my soul
    This day I hope to found.