More DM factions.

  • I like factions, and I like long lasting rivalries and competition and conflicts. But from what I heard, there used to be more DM factions before, but they gave up their place to give more room for Player faction. In theory, I like giving more power and initiative to players, but here's my problem...

    They don't last.

    The leader dies/retire, and the faction is wiped out. Case in point: Finn and the Gilded Gents. Ironfoot and the Malarites. Lannister and the Necromancers. Also the Banites... they got a huge temple there, and there's literally 0 noise coming out of it.

    So yes, its odd that I suggest this as we're having an election. But I'd suggest more DM factions. Perhaps for the next edition anyway.

  • I think its down to what DMs are interested in. When you are in a DM faction there is an expectation that they are going to give you something to do, and in the server as it is, that is not what the DMs are interested in.

  • I can't say I agree, personally.

    The rotation is healthy for the server- CoA has never really been a server where a majority of PCs last for more than 1-4 months at a time anyway.

    But really, DM factions suffer on CoA when they don't have very clear goals. There's been a focus on letting players try and drive these factions before, but since they're never ACTUALLY at the helm it tends to create a very strange disconnect between the players and their supposed leaders.

    But if you make a DM faction have a player at its head, is it a DM faction anymore or a player faction with heavy DM support? Which one is better, or is that entirely based in opinion? It's hard to nail down what we "Should" do, because everyone wants generally something different from the game. CoA is even despite this really good at providing a place for all these wants and needs, so if you want a DM faction chances are one will pop up eventually for you.

    I think DM factions will always realistically exist, but I wouldn't be happy seeing more and more DM factions when the interactions between player factions and specifically their leaders tends to lead to much more enriching gameplay in my experience.

  • Concepts come and go. This isn't an issue of DM factions.

  • I vastly prefer DM factions to player factions and am therefore a little worried about v6. I heard some even floated the idea of 0 DM factions which I consider a bad idea.

  • DM factions don't last. They suffer exactly the same problem as a PC faction; a DM makes them, gets a few people interested in it. When they move on, the faction collapses.

    There are zero plans for DM factions in v6 because, why? What will they do? What do you all think a DM faction really accomplishes? We've had really successful DM Plot factions, those work well because they come and go with a purpose--but a long-term DM supported faction ultimately isn't much different than a successful PC faction.

  • Admin [DM]

    Factions such as the Mage's Guild and the Militia provide structure and benefits for players who want to pursue plots, but these are fairly easily granted to player factions as well.

    That said, I am a fan of short term plot factions.

  • You can apply for NPC affiliation, which would be like, unsupported DM faction. Like The Theater, or circuit court, or Lhal retainer, etc.