Letter sent to Lord Bhalir

  • Lord Bhalir,

    Its been an honor to know a man who takes his responsibility seriously and lives through many tribulation to make a path for himself against many odds. I never thought I will be writing to you before I depart from Arabel for I never really liked you personally considering how snobbish and critical you come out and many times considering us lesser folks to be creatures that do not deserve dignity and frankly it does not even matter to you nobles, for us commoners are sometimes lesser than your estate hounds.

    but over the period, I have started to have a deep respect for your actions and sacrifices and I have simply overlooked the flaw in your charisma to what you have done for Arabel.

    I truly wish that you can be the leader that Arabel deserves and if you win the election, you can show more of compassion through your words, you will not only win commoners hearts but loyalty for fear is not respect but alas many think it is.

    I will pray that Illmater gives you strength to ease the burden

    Ricardo Snyden

  • [This letter is folded and kept with Bhaliir, to be found from his pocket should any man find their hands digging into them]