Commandents of the Celestial Chain

  • Harken and Rejoice for Revelations and Purpose is no longer denied!

    A path to Paradise is laid before us by the Angel of Service, Sariel

    We of the Celestial Chain, lead by the Chosen, Josiah the Elder come with the appointed duty to ensure mortals remember their purpose to serve Goodness of the world and confront the wickedness that begets Evil.

    Service is Absolute; By good deed we step closer to the heavens while sins drag us to the hells.

    Join us on this Pilgrimage or leave word at the many inns around these lands

    ~~ Serafina the Chained Herald ~~


    As we sin our soul weighs heavier and we descend closer to the gnawing jaws of the Baatazu and the lashing tongue of flame that is found in the Nine Hells

    Mortalkind has a duty to their purpose; Serve the Goodness of the world. To create, to love and to always be wary of the evil that consumes those among us.

    We must confront this flame of darkness.

    In service to heaven, we must not only tackle the slaves of hell and the abyss but those who walk among us festering Evil, carrying wicked intent like a festering wound.

    The one named Darrey, a fouling of necromancy and servant of a darkness, has been named. Into the chains of damnation will his soul be cast, forever to be lashed by the dark flames.

    Your path to the Heaven is through Service. Join us with your light that the dark be cast out.


    Chained Herald of Sariel


    I name Rouland a Dark Knight of Cyric. There is no good in this man and the evil he carries must be confronted and challenged lest it spread like wild fire. He is an agent of Murder and Strife.

    Failure to confront the wickedness of the world shall beget evil says the teaching of Sariel, Angel of Service.

    Join us so that the light of Good shall shine in the hearts of those who cannot fight.


    Chained Herald of Sariel


    Justice like Service is not an abstract nor an idea. It is real. Either you are Just or are not. Either an action is Just or not.

    Justice is not a mortal Law.

    All mortals must contend with their Sins. Evil whispers into ears and seeks to compromise or have us bend.

    The gods of good do not care about respect or position they care about important matters. Justice, Mercy, Hope, Compassion, Redemption, and Service to name a few.

    There are some that deserve unflinching opposition. Creatures that are so far sunk into the Chains of Evil to mark them beyond salvation. To those, heaven is forever denied and it is the lasting tongue of flame for all eternity.

    The path to the Hells begins with a small step. A failure to confront a wicked act. A compromise of what is Good for control and domination......discipline....tyranny.

    Heavy handed and brutal treatment of another is the making of slaves, of breaking the soul, of doing the work Evil. In those actions Evil wins two victories for two soul, the broken and the breaker have sin on them and the chains of damnation have another link forged.

    Justice is fiery and unyielding against evil, hatred and tyranny. Justice is merciful and of the spirit.

    Find us. Together we can forge the links that bind us to Service of the Heavens. To Justice.

    Serafina The Chained,
    Herald of Sariel



    No longer can this festering rot be allowed to continue.

    Those that would summon demons must be put to the flaming sword of fiery Justice.

    Those that harvest souls, the most precious of all things, cannot be allowed to exist. They are lost, with the chains of damnation dragging them to their deserved torment of oblivion

    Failure to confront the wickedness we see begets evil.

    We seek information on the Cobble Demons and soul infused stones.

    Join us in ridding this taint and step closer to the Heaven with this Good deed.

    Chained Herald of Sariel.

  • Josiah the Elder preaches the Liturgy of Sariel

    Let those who preach piety and fail to act suffer the results of their inaction and with only solemn dedication to the Tenants of Sariel the Chained do I preach my message. Service to Good is its own reward as we gaze at the eternal paradise that awaits us on Mount Celestia.

    Sariel is An Angel, amongst many- though one who has chosen to act as an intermediary between silent gods and desperate man. He teaches that one must devote themselves to the tenants of good, and through each deed, a chain upon your soul shall be formed, and when your time passes, he shall use this chain to hoist you into his arms, and enjoy the eternity of paradise in the realms of Mount Celestia.

    Mercy is a tenant of good, though tolerance is not. Tolerance is the argument of the wicked to condone their own existence. That said, to judge based on breed or appearance is to fall into the deceptively simple world of prejudice. Those who fear to oppose and confront the Evils of the, begetting greater evil and putting all of mortalkind in peril
    All may aid Sariel, though those who wear evil's mantle shall not be welcome. Sin is a weight upon the soul, and those who perform it slowly weigh themselves down for the hells to claim them.

    The Gods are silent. Yes, there is faith- however, the gods are want to intervene in causes that interest, as is the precedence since the Time of Troubles. Yet, when you bend knee upon an altar and often holy supplication- do the words and presence of your god fill you? No they do not. Sariel seeks to act as an intermediary as the gods engage in conflict in matters above our mortal kin- and provide a guiding light to those who may stray from the path of Absolute Holiness.

    For man may err. Take, for example, the city of Tantras, a stronghold for the faith of Torm. They took to persecution of their fellowman and raising Torm as the True God of Good, and denied all other goodly faiths their succor and aid until they met certain demands. This was during the Era of the Time of Troubles, when Torm could not reprimand them for their cause. Would you claim these men were no less pious? They held every good intention and their actions were based on interpretation of previous scripture- though falsely interpreted. The gods are required to guide their churches, less the churches stray from the true teaching.

    Those that acted falsely were given a choice by Lord Torm, as an Avatar, who descended upon the city.
    They could martyr themselves and be washed clean of their sin, or be cast out and wander to find new faith. It is how Torm came to defeat Lord Bane, after all. The collective sacrifice of the wayward faithful who realized the error of their ways to defeat evil.

    It is not blasphemous to ask for explanation or clarification. Blind faith is foolhardy faith. Nor is my faith placed in Sariel. I offer my soul to Lord Deneir, little more. I do not claim to hold every answer. I merely claim to open a path towards enlightment and truer understanding of faith and piety. And there are many paths to this.

    For example, I am sure our chancellor would claim that Hedonism and Pleasure, it's giving and taking, allows one to contemplate higher things in the Celestial Plain, as joy and fulfillment at tenants of the Lady of Cats. Is this method any less valid than mine towards service toward holy things? No

    I merely open a door. I offer you the chains of service, in return for the paradise of Celestia. I do not seek for others to worship the angel. The Angel dictates a method towards service to the Gods of good, and offers a way to ascend the slopes of Celestia by your actions. It is quite plausible to falter and fail despite believing in this path. It is meant to augment one's faith- not replace.

    I offer my prayers to Deneir, for example.Sariel is merely a messenger, to whom we pay heed, for he brings us wisdom in the eternal truths of providence and the wisdoms of the Firmament. Let the fist or blade of justice be wielded with evidence behind the charge and the foundation of truth maintain the cause.

    Let those who seek the path of the Celestial Chain come.

  • Corruption and Sin

    It begins with a whisper. Evil whispers into you ear. It beckons for a small first. What starts off with purity of purpose is eroded. Failing to confront wickedness. Turning a blind eye to the troubles. Taking the easy path of indulging in material desires of wealth and power.

    Power corrupts. It challenges even the most pure. Lesser mortals are helpless babes from a womb.

    Every lie marks the soul. Breaking an oath scars it. Betrayal is utter damnation.

    This very day, one who claims to be in service to the city, a leader of others, perpetrated a lie upon me. A corrupt leader of a broken and decaying institution.

    A simple promise, taking little effort was broken. Another may die. A Goodly man. A servant of Justice.

    Only those with wickedness in their heart or corrupted by sin, would allow such to happen by turning away.

    He thinks himself untouchable. Cloaked in finery and protected.

    He is wrong.

  • What is it to break an Oath?

    An oath is a solemn promise, often invoking a divine witness, regarding one's future action or behavior. To break one is a sin against the gods and thankfully in these lands considered morally bereft.

    Those that abandon oaths are lowest of the low but do not give in to hatred of them. Pity them. Their souls are burdened with sin and being pulled to the fiery lashes of Damnation but perhaps they may find Redemption. Mercy is another of the holy virtues that show us and others a path to the heavens. Even those that are tainted with sin by performing acts of goodly service, can be pulled back from Oblivion.

    We are the Chained Servants and we reach out to those who would find a way to ascend to the heavens.

  • The Holy Virtue of Mercy

    Mercy is one of the Seven Holy Virtues of Good. Mercy does not mean compromise. Mercy is not tolerance.

    Mercy is forbearance toward an offender, an enemy, or other person who has Sinned but due to ignorance or error,

    On this day we, The Chained Servants, extend the Hand of Mercy to one Sangre. We offer her a path to remove the sin that weighs on her soul. Though Sangre harbors great ill will to us and has lashed out with intent to commit bodily harm, we stood for Justice this day. Though grievous crimes were committed we look to the future. Should she look through the hate and anger that threatens to consume her, we await her and Hope to welcome her as a true servant to Good.

    The Chained Servants acknowledge the Militia and it's Warden @verk for seeing Justice done. We also thank those that came forward with testimony, Pathfinder Daxx @TheMinionOfArabel and Eso of the Gold Guard Mercenary Company @SadGruffman.


    Purity is one of the Seven Holy Virtues of Good. When we perform acts of good without thought for personal gain, we hold back the indulges of material things that weighs on the soul, pulling it to damnation.

    Purity is not denial. If one is separate from temptation and Sin, then one cannot understand it in others. Mortalkind is flawed. Only by accepting that can the first step to Purity be taken.

    We announce a Test of Purity, to be undertaken by Serafina, The Chained Herald of Sariel

    We seek to gain the attention and favor of the Bear Spirit, a being of Justice and Protection along with Initiate Jon who is assisting us in finding Celestial Silver for a might weapon against the Infernal and Demonic beings that cause wickedness and Evil in the land.

    Join us if you would be Pure and see you soul lightened though Goodly Deeds

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