02/28/18 Chancellor Debate

  • Posting the logs here so newswriters can reference it. If you wish to use any of this information ICly, I suggest not directly quoting this.

    [13:36:54] Barabus Fen: The hour is late.. Lord Bhaliir arrives.
    [13:37:02] Lord Foril Bhaliir: A lord, is never late.
    [13:37:03] Freya Farthrow: Lord Bhaliir, your place is up there. gestures at the stage
    [13:37:03] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Continue.
    [13:37:12] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Hm?
    [13:37:14] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he looks up]
    [13:37:16] Rhea: She looks up, blinking. Mn... She sighs, and rises. Fine.
    [13:37:17] Lord Micho Tarmikos: [He peers at him as he seats himself] Perhaps you would like to join us..? The other candidates are on the stage.
    [13:37:20] Lord Foril Bhaliir: I don't see my seat.
    [13:37:42] Olivier Lengram: Aha it does my heart good to witness the beauteous gleam of co-operative spirit shining forth from within you.
    [13:37:45] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he peers up]
    [13:37:46] Olivier Lengram uses item's special power.
    [13:37:47] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Between Myron and Lady Thundersword there, Lord Bhaliir.
    [13:37:53] Myron O'Connor: Well, maybe you can have your retainer carry the throne up on the stage?
    [13:37:56] You have received a Party Invitation from Elestra Thundersword.
    [13:37:57] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Terribly small, Tarmikos.
    [13:38:15] Lord Foril Bhaliir: What's your aim here, making commoners sit among lords?
    [13:38:23] Freya Farthrow: she offers a subdued chuckle at Myron's comment, her mood noticeably sullen from her usual cheerful self
    [13:38:27] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Come on, Ironfoot.
    [13:38:35] Olivier Lengram: [He gets uncomfortably close and intimately searches the woman leaving the stench of rosewater upon her bodice.]
    [13:38:42] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he peers at the four, frowning] My love.
    [13:38:49] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Did they force you to sit there?
    [13:38:51] Myron O'Connor: Oh come now my Lord, surely you can tolerate someone prettier than you for a bit when sat beside you.
    [13:38:53] Lord Micho Tarmikos: The position of Chancellor is a vote, Lord Bhaliir... A commoner can achieve the position just as a noble can.
    [13:39:07] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Myron. A jester like you has a place.
    [13:39:10] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Beneath my foot.
    [13:39:12] Elestra Thundersword: If I cannot sit on a stool, how can I ever dream of leading these people?
    [13:39:21] Rhea: She remains steely - she's mostly clad all in rusted mail and worn leathers anyhow.
    [13:39:22] Olivier Lengram: It appears you are holding nothing suspect aside from an unnaturally shapely figure. Yet tragic though it is, such it not a crime.
    [13:39:24] Myron O'Connor: Not where you've been if you ask the Palace of Wonders!
    [13:39:24] Barabus Fen: smiles as he watches the exchange
    [13:39:34] Elestra Thundersword: Please sit smiles
    [13:39:40] Elestra Thundersword: You are in the center tonight.
    [13:39:44] Lord Micho Tarmikos: It would be good, if we could end the niceties as they are and proceed to the Debate.
    [13:39:45] Olivier Lengram: Carry on then oh wonderfully chiselled maiden.
    [13:39:53] Lord Foril Bhaliir: If -only- I had the seat to do so, my love.
    [13:40:10] Rhea: -... Her composure slips a moment, bewilderment creeping over her features. Eh... Yes.
    [13:40:12] Barabus Fen: I am sure that chair would accommodate you Lord Bhaliir
    [13:40:14] Rhea: -... Sure.
    [13:40:21] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Yet it appears Lord Tarmikos here does not see the difference.
    [13:40:22] Olivier Lengram: [He surveys the crowd eagerly for yet more maidens.]
    [13:40:32] Barabus Fen: Let me help you, you must be weary
    [13:40:38] Lord Foril Bhaliir: I'll stand.
    [13:40:41] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Return to your seat, mr. Fen.
    [13:40:42] Lord Spiffy : [The Theatre guards slowly carry a bigger chair up...]
    [13:40:44] Barabus Fen: Of course..
    [13:40:45] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Let us begin.
    [13:40:48] Barabus Fen: Most brave..
    [13:40:51] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Ah-
    [13:41:01] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he looks to the guards]
    [13:41:04] Lord Foril Bhaliir: How wonderful.
    [13:41:08] Elestra Thundersword: Glances at Elodies magical Iuon gem
    [13:41:17] Elestra Thundersword: Then merely grins and shakes her head
    [13:41:57] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [patiently waits for it to be prepared for him]
    [13:42:18] Ironfoot: [sniffs at Forils croch]
    [13:42:22] Barabus Fen: Padded enough my Lord?
    [13:42:26] Lord Spiffy : [A big ol rug is also placed for his feet]
    [13:42:36] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Very comfortable- oh, how noble!
    [13:42:47] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Ahem... Now that all the candidates are appropriately seated, I will humbly welcome you all to the first official Chancellor debate of Arabel!
    [13:42:49] Myron O'Connor: Favoritism! [He mutters]
    [13:42:50] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Go on, Ironfoot- sit.
    [13:42:55] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Sush, moron.
    [13:43:08] Lord Micho Tarmikos: On stage are five of the finest candidates-- [He pauses at their interjections] Ahem.
    [13:43:14] Ironfoot: flops
    [13:43:45] Lord Micho Tarmikos: And as such we will beginning with opening statements! Contestants will be invited to the Podium now opposite me, to speak their piece. We will begin with you, Mr. Fen.
    [13:44:01] Barabus Fen: Lord Tarmikos. I have an announcement to make..
    [13:44:22] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Do so in your opening statement then, my good man.
    [13:44:29] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Over there.
    [13:44:32] Barabus Fen: But first. let me tell you that I have a tremendous respect for your work my Lord
    [13:44:52] Barabus Fen: Well.
    [13:44:55] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Why thank you! The arts hold a special place in my heart.~
    [13:45:19] Barabus Fen: Fellows looks at those gathered
    [13:45:37] Barabus Fen: It is with heavy heart, that I resign my campaign.
    [13:45:43] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Ah-
    [13:45:44] Elestra Thundersword: Folds her long legs, and places her hands in her lap
    [13:45:54] Myron O’Connor: [A panicked myron looks around as if he has to make a speech soon]
    [13:45:56] Lord Micho Tarmikos: [A frown creases the Lord's face as he regards the man]
    [13:45:58] Freya Farthrow: she looks at Fen, folding her armored arms, watching calmly
    [13:46:15] Tom Wren: Wha!? 'e resigned 'leardy.....
    [13:46:28] Barabus Fen: I had originally only stood because I thought that not a single one of these candidates were worthy of the position
    [13:46:43] Sunder: Sunder's face remains as emotionless as ever
    [13:46:54] Barabus Fen: I have found one that is, and as such I wish to resign.
    [13:47:10] Pierre Brisbois: [Whispers.]
    [13:47:14] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Very well, Mister Fen. Leave the stage at once. It is for candidates only. [He looks down his nose at the man as he speaks]
    [13:47:15] Barabus Fen: clears his throat seemingly saddened
    [13:47:20] Myron O’Connor: Boo! Stop wasting our time!
    [13:47:25] Barabus Fen: Did
    [13:47:27] Elodie Ledoux: [Elodie leans toward Myron and murmurs.]
    [13:47:35] Elestra Thundersword: gives a smiles and a brief nod to Fen as he passes
    [13:47:42] Barabus Fen: nods to Elestra
    [13:48:10] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Ladies and Gentleman, after that heartshattering withdrawal, allow me to present to you our next candidate, Lady Thundersword!
    [13:48:21] Lord Micho Tarmikos: [He begins a clap as she rises]
    [13:48:24] Elestra Thundersword: Gets up, clearly used to being on stage
    [13:48:28] Pierre Brisbois uses item's special power.
    [13:48:28] Myron O'Connor: [Claps]
    [13:48:32] Barabus Fen: claps his hands for Elestra
    [13:48:34] Percival Lengram: nods to Olivier, pointing towards Fen
    [13:48:36] Olivier Lengram: [Beams a radiant smile absently staring at the stage.]
    [13:48:51] Elestra Thundersword: Good people of Arabel!
    [13:48:59] Elestra Thundersword: Mr Fen!
    [13:49:16] Barabus Fen: looks across to Elestra
    [13:49:36] Serafina: [silver speckled eyes settle on Elestra, a curious expression on her face]

  • [13:49:48] Elestra Thundersword: You all deserve a better future, Arabel! And you deserve a rule who can defend you, but that can also understand you!
    [13:50:10] Barabus Fen: smiles as he looks over to the militiamen
    [13:50:11] Rhea: She has the faintly befuddled look of one who thought she knew what was going on, but has begun to doubt herself.
    [13:50:12] Elodie Ledoux: [A stray hand gently brushes over Myron's thigh.]
    [13:50:14] Myron O'Connor: [Myron leans in to whisper with Elodie]
    [13:50:15] Olivier Lengram: [Breaks from his reverie at a hushed utterance.]
    [13:50:22] Elestra Thundersword: Because of it, I ask Mr Barabus Fen, to join me, in this election, and side by side, we shall make Arabel the Jewel it once was!
    [13:50:34] Elestra Thundersword: A noble, and a commoner, united!
    [13:50:44] Elodie Ledoux: [Her hand retreats to her own lap again.]
    [13:50:54] Lord Micho Tarmikos: [An audible gasp as he peers between Fen and Elestra]
    [13:50:56] Serafina: raises a eyebrow
    [13:51:05] Olivier Lengram: [Looks to his brother and shrugs his shoulders.]
    [13:51:05] Percival Lengram: grumbles
    [13:51:12] Barabus Fen: looks to Lord Tarmikos as he approaches the stage
    [13:51:19] Elestra Thundersword: I announce that the combination of The Fen Thundersword Campaign for The seat of Chancellor!
    [13:51:30] Elestra Thundersword: Fen / Thundersword!
    [13:51:56] Lord Micho Tarmikos: [He eagerly waves the man back up]
    [13:52:12] Sunder: rolls his head slightly tilting it to the other side
    [13:52:20] Elestra Thundersword: offers her hand with a bright smile
    [13:52:30] Barabus Fen: firmly shakes Elestras hand
    [13:52:30] Etholycus Cabellan: He whispers back. Thank you good private.
    [13:52:38] Myron O'Connor: [A nervous myron approaches the stage, he opens a bottle and tips back an Eagle's Splendor potion.]
    [13:52:45] Myron O'Connor uses Potion of Eagle's Splendor
    [13:53:17] Myron O'Connor: Ahem, you all know who I am- I am the Great, Magnificent, Marvelous Myron O'Connor- and I am running to remind you all of something-
    [13:53:42] Myron O'Connor: That Arabel is already pretty fucking AMAZING- and it doesn't need to become 'great' again. It's our bloody home, we've fought, we've bled, and we'll keep on fighting for it!
    [13:54:14] Myron O'Connor: My opponents are a noble whose skin is so thin that she cries to the Militia for every single affront, and a noble who demands a bear-skin carpet before he'll sit beside one of his 'ooponents'
    [13:54:17] Lord Micho Tarmikos: [His hand runs through his facial hair as he watches Myron, bemused]
    [13:54:20] Myron O'Connor: Opponents*
    [13:54:27] Olivier Lengram: [Beams a smile up at the stage his eyes lighting up ever so slightly.]
    [13:54:43] Myron O'Connor: So, vote for me, Myron O'Connor, not because I'll make it better- but because it'll be FABULOUS.
    [13:54:47] Myron O'Connor: Thank you!
    [13:54:58] Barabus Fen: A rousing introduction
    [13:55:08] Lord Micho Tarmikos: [He claps for Myron as he takes his seat once more]
    [13:55:33] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Next up, every man's favourite contestant, ELOOOOODIEEEE LEDOUX!
    [13:56:13] Etholycus Cabellan: He whistles at the beauty.
    [13:57:03] Elodie Ledoux: [Elodie takes to the fore of the stage with an exessive bounce, jostling the.. contents.. of her robes.] Good Evening, Citizens of Arabel-
    [13:57:27] Barabus Fen: Retainer Elodie Ledoux announces in a fake foreign accent
    [13:57:36] Barabus Fen: claps his hands vigorously
    [13:57:37] Elodie Ledoux: I come before you as a woman of experience. You might only know me as a retainer to Lord Bhaliir, but that has only been the latter weeks of my life-
    [13:57:39] Etholycus Cabellan: Is mesmerized by it for a second.
    [13:57:55] Lord Micho Tarmikos: [Silently commands quiet from Barabus with hand signals]
    [13:58:01] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he rubs Ironfoot from behind the side of the ear, peering at Elodie with an appraising eye]
    [13:58:09] Olivier Lengram: [Whisper] A woman of experience indeed... oh my...
    [13:58:15] Elodie Ledoux: I've lived amongst the merchants of Marsember, the downtrodden of our fair city of Arabel, and now the heights of nobility-
    [13:58:51] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he offers an approving nod with an ever compassionate smile]
    [13:58:52] Elodie Ledoux: My campaign offers you a leader with an ear that listens and knows the woes and joys of your every day life and I seek to offer you -all- the chance to rise from the mud as I have.
    [13:59:22] Ironfoot: [The dog leans against the hand as it rubs her ear, peering at the gathered with mild interest, panting.]
    [13:59:37] Elodie Ledoux: Should I win this election, my overall intention is to remove the limitations our current system places on you, so that you amy all flourish whilst remaining safe, happy, and free.
    [14:00:02] Elodie Ledoux: [She'd then offer a half bow and a warm smile.] Thank you. [She'd turn and retreat to her seat.]
    [14:00:15] Elodie Ledoux: [-Her invisible seat.]
    [14:00:32] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Let's give it up for the champion of the people angle, and Elodie Ledoux!
    [14:00:37] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he claps as Elodie moves back to her seat
    [14:00:38] Etholycus Cabellan: Whistles loudly at the pretty woman with both fingers.
    [14:00:46] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Yes.
    [14:00:47] Elestra Thundersword: Claps
    [14:00:50] Barabus Fen: smiles as Bhaliir takes the stage
    [14:00:52] Elestra Thundersword: At Elodie
    [14:00:53] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Well done, my dear Elodie.
    [14:00:54] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Last but certainly not least, we have one of the most benevolent men in all of Arabel-- Lord Foril Bhaliir!
    [14:00:56] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Ahem.
    [14:01:02] Lord Foril Bhaliir: I believe I need no introductions.
    [14:01:23] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he offers a charming smile, clasping his hands as he appraises the crowd] So many friends and allies gathered here.
    [14:01:30] Lord Micho Tarmikos: [He tucks his hands behind his back, hiding within the cloak]
    [14:01:32] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Where do I begin, my brothers and sisters?
    [14:02:05] Lord Foril Bhaliir: How does a man introduce himself- when everyone already knows who I am, and what I have done for this city?
    [14:02:26] Lord Foril Bhaliir: I rose from the ashes of a ruined house, a family besmirched by blood and bones of our fathers and mothers.
    [14:02:56] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Granted right by the King himself, to restore the legacy of my ancient family, and ensure that prosperity returns to the north.
    [14:03:12] Lord Foril Bhaliir: I took my place in the most humble hamlet that is Old Town.
    [14:03:26] Lord Foril Bhaliir: I offer a place in my heart to the many people that sit beside me today.
    [14:03:39] Lord Foril Bhaliir: And helped them forge their path, ever standing as their support.
    [14:04:19] Lord Foril Bhaliir: I committed the better part work in this city, to the well-being of the downtrodden- men and women left ignored for far too long by the powers that be.
    [14:05:04] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Where the leaders of past might've seen nothing but criminals and worthless lives waiting to be cut down- I saw hope, redemption, just as our king saw in me.
    [14:05:07] Lord Micho Tarmikos: [He smiles, glancing at the docket of topics yet to come and back to Lord Bhaliir during his opening statement]
    [14:06:05] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he falls silent briefly as he gazes about the gathered with an ever compassionate smile]
    [14:06:13] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Friends, you know who I am.
    [14:06:25] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Let's give a hand for Lord Foril Bhaliir!
    [14:06:34] Etholycus Cabellan: He claps for Bhalliir and smiles.
    [14:06:45] Elestra Thundersword: Clap clap clap
    [14:06:52] Rathis Harltim: takes a seat, claps a few times and looks around the room
    [14:06:54] Percival Lengram: coughs, looking to Olivier
    [14:07:01] Sunder: the sound of clacking from metalic hands clapping
    [14:07:01] Barabus Fen: claps his hands a couple of times
    [14:07:10] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Alright contestants, now it's time for me to announce the topics you will be discussing today- Each of you will have the chance to make a singular statement about it, so make sure you're not ranting or you will be asked to sit down... The topics are as follows...
    [14:07:21] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he offers a warm smile to the four beside him as he leans back into his throne]
    [14:07:38] Olivier Lengram: [Glances over at his brother and then back to the stage.]
    [14:07:43] Rhea: She looks around at the applauding audience, watching a moment before mimicking them with metal-clad hands.
    [14:08:36] Lord Micho Tarmikos: The Security of Arabel, How we will encourage growth financially, annnnd how you will structure your governing rule in Arabel.
    [14:08:48] Percival Lengram: looks to Olivier again, then to the club at his belt
    [14:08:57] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he readjusts his position in the seat as he turns to Tarmikos, peering at him with an ever curious gleam in his eye]
    [14:09:08] Lord Micho Tarmikos: We will begin with the Security of Arabel, in this particular instance, both Mr. Fen and Lady Thundersword will each of the chance to make their statement.
    [14:09:08] Barabus Fen: smiles
    [14:09:11] Olivier Lengram: [A dramatic sigh.]
    [14:09:31] Barabus Fen: clears his throat Security
    [14:09:40] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Thank you Mr. Fen!
    [14:09:40] Rathis Harltim: glances up to Olivier and raises a brow
    [14:09:44] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Please be seated.
    [14:09:51] Elestra Thundersword: grins
    [14:09:57] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Perhaps you will do a better job listening to the rules, next time.
    [14:10:16] Barabus Fen: harumphs as he sits down
    [14:10:16] Rathis Harltim: nods and silently stands and steps to the side of the room
    [14:10:26] Olivier Lengram uses item's special power.
    [14:10:38] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he covers a yawn with his hand, as he leans in- gently petting his dog..]
    [14:10:56] Olivier Lengram: [Intimidately and dramatically pats the man down, dousing him in the scent of rose water as he does, occasionally turning back to his brother with a thumbs up.]
    [14:11:11] Percival Lengram: sighs
    [14:11:13] Elestra Thundersword: I will be at the vanguard, with a strong militia without corruption, one you can trust will bleed and die for you.
    [14:11:21] Rathis Harltim: dips his head and motions to return to his seat
    [14:11:22] Elestra Thundersword: Good enough my lord?
    [14:11:31] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Indeed! My thanks, Lady Thundersword.
    [14:11:38] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [pulls out a ledger from the pocket of his frock-coat]
    [14:11:42] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Willing to stand on the very front and do battle with her people.
    [14:11:49] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he starts to peer at it]
    [14:11:50] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Next, we will have Elodie Ledoux!
    [14:12:02] Lord Micho Tarmikos: The topic, is the Security of Arabel.
    [14:12:53] Barabus Fen: Of course.
    [14:12:57] Barabus Fen: coughs
    [14:13:30] Elestra Thundersword: the two candidates under one banner seem to be whispering -alot-
    [14:14:20] Elodie Ledoux: Fines shall be reworked to take into account the personal wealth of the criminal. Taking a percent of their wealth to repair damages should discourage them more than a flat number. External threats will be dealt with as normal. Our men in Purple have been doing an astounding job despite the Dark-
    [14:14:22] Elodie Ledoux: -War.
    [14:14:31] Etholycus Cabellan: Doesn't seem to listen much, but is mesmerized by Elodie's attire.
    [14:14:40] Barabus Fen: nods to Elestra
    [14:14:56] Percival Lengram: Yes!
    [14:14:56] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Reform to our fine system to encourage security, an interesting idea...
    [14:14:59] Percival Lengram: claps!
    [14:15:07] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Alright folks, up next we have MYRON O'CONNOR!
    [14:15:14] Rathis Harltim: sighs
    [14:15:22] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Myron, the topic is the Security of Arabel.
    [14:15:36] Myron O'Connor uses Potion of Eagle's Splendor
    [14:15:37] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [his attention turns to Myron- peering at him with utter disdain]
    [14:15:38] Myron O'Connor uses Potion of Fox's Cunning
    [14:15:43] Myron O'Connor: [Chugs an intelligence brew and a splendor brew...]
    [14:16:02] Percival Lengram: observes the shameless potion chugging
    [14:16:17] Serafina: shakes head very slightly
    [14:16:36] Etholycus Cabellan: He whispers a bit loudly towards Rhea. Is Myron making up for a lack of something?
    [14:16:46] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Folks of Arabel, it seems Myron cannot even stand before you without magical enhancements...
    [14:16:54] Lord Micho Tarmikos: [He struggles to contain a laugh]
    [14:16:59] Myron O'Connor: Why, I dare say that the Security of Arabel can be done very simply- talk out our problems like civilized people, and if that doesn't work- have Sue the sexcutioner hit them on the head with his axe.
    [14:17:03] Olivier Lengram: Sounds like half the adventurers in the city aha!
    [14:17:08] Myron O'Connor: Ahem- EXECUTIONER
    [14:17:19] Myron O'Connor: [Nearly faints as he lets out the freudian slip]
    [14:17:21] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he does not laugh, simply snorts]
    [14:17:29] Barabus Fen: smiles broadly
    [14:17:37] Elestra Thundersword: claps
    [14:17:37] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Ahahaha OH my! Thank you Myron!
    [14:17:45] Rhea: She looks over to Etholycus, tilting her head, her look of befuddlement deepening as she returns the carrying whisper. Is this-- not a /performance/?
    [14:17:53] Myron O'Connor: I mean- have you seen Sue? Those muscles...
    [14:17:56] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Next up, the Lord who needs no introduction!
    [14:18:07] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Sit down please, Mr. O'Connor!
    [14:18:08] Myron O'Connor: He could totally sexucate the entire crowd. Hahaha
    [14:18:15] Lord Micho Tarmikos: -...
    [14:18:16] Christoph Ampharen: Is sue the sexecutioner your favourite from the brothel?
    [14:18:33] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Moron, you can start, with yourself.
    [14:18:40] Etholycus Cabellan: I guess it is dear, I guess it is! He grins and shakes his head.
    [14:18:45] Rathis Harltim: smirks
    [14:18:51] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Lord Bhaliir, the topic once more is the Security of Arabel!
    [14:19:03] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Tarmikos. Seeing as this buffoon failed to make any real effort for an actual response- let me be clear.
    [14:19:18] Lord Foril Bhaliir: The Security of ARabel does not come through one force alone.
    [14:19:26] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Lord Bhaliir, you must be seated, thank you.
    [14:19:35] Lord Foril Bhaliir: The Militia must be strong, but so must-
    [14:19:45] Lord Micho Tarmikos: The question is a panel, of which you can make a singular statement. The rules were clear.
    [14:19:51] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Please be seated.
    [14:19:52] Barabus Fen: coughs
    [14:19:54] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Hmph.
    [14:20:03] Lord Foril Bhaliir: -Single- statement.
    [14:20:08] Lord Foril Bhaliir: What utter NONSENSE.
    [14:20:21] Barabus Fen: claps his hands
    [14:20:25] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Next we will be discussing how we will encourage financial growth within Arabel!
    [14:20:26] Sunder: folds it's arms
    [14:20:28] Etholycus Cabellan: He blinks.
    [14:20:44] Barabus Fen: looks to Lord Tarmikos
    [14:20:47] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Please welcome the commoner & the Lady, Fen & Thundersword!
    [14:21:07] Jon Doe: [Tell] Bhaliir isn't pretty enough for Tarmikos's time XD
    [14:21:10] Barabus Fen: smiles pleasantly
    [14:21:15] Elestra Thundersword: Nods to Fen, as she looks DIRECTLY at Freya
    [14:21:33] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he grunts, his eyes glowering at Tarmikos]
    [14:22:17] Lord Micho Tarmikos: [His eyes do not meet Lord Bhaliir's as he peers at the contestants with an ever present smile]
    [14:22:34] Barabus Fen: Now, while Lord Bhaliir wishes to give food to the poor, we intend to provide them with the means to buy their own.. opportunity. A Dwarven ale Brewery will be built, providing jobs for the poor, and fresh water, that we need not import it.. Its going to be great..
    [14:22:41] Ironfoot: [wonders what Elestra's butt smells like]
    [14:23:02] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Bravo! Quite the initiative from the Commoner himself, Mr. Fen!
    [14:23:09] Barabus Fen: holds up his hands to the crowd and smiles broadly
    [14:23:26] Elestra Thundersword: grins Isnt he great?
    [14:23:31] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Thank you!
    [14:23:57] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Elodie, please my dear-- The question, once more, how will you promote financial growth in Arabel!
    [14:24:02] Freya Farthrow: she seems pleased by Elestra's statement, as would any dwarf
    [14:25:04] Etholycus Cabellan: I wonder if this will lessen trades between Arabel and Thunderholm. He stokes his well-furnished mustache as he speaks in a low tone.
    [14:25:35] Elodie Ledoux: An investment in the lower tax bracket will be made. Business owners with lower income will find their taxes lowered. Adventurers joining established organisations will be granted incentives to encourage them to help companies proven to have aided Arabel. Finally, my focus will be on opening a tr-
    [14:25:40] Elodie Ledoux: Trade route with Tilverton
    [14:26:02] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Interesting! Good for adventurers and new business in new places!
    [14:26:12] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Now let's give a warm welcome for Mr. O'Connor!
    [14:26:19] Clani Bora: claps politely
    [14:26:41] Percival Lengram: coughs looking to Pierre, then to his right
    [14:27:04] Myron O'Connor: [A snort] How about we just strip mine the hullack of all the Mythalite there, charter mining companies for the Helmlands, and sell all the magical ore to mages across Faerun? Further, if you STILL cannot find a job- you can work in my sumptuous new Brothel that I will transform the the Pit int!
    [14:27:13] Myron O'Connor: into*
    [14:27:33] Myron O'Connor: Mythalite sells 5000 an ounce, think of the profits, I implore you- don't be a goner, vote Myron O'Connor!
    [14:27:36] Lord Micho Tarmikos: WOW! A monopoly on mythalite!
    [14:27:36] Sunder: -....
    [14:27:48] Lord Micho Tarmikos: And a catchy slogan to boot!
    [14:27:56] Serafina: can't help but smile
    [14:27:59] Lord Micho Tarmikos: That will be tough to follow up, but now let's welcome Lord Bhaliir!
    [14:28:07] Clani Bora: claps politely
    [14:28:08] Barabus Fen: smiles as Lord Bhaliir takes the stage
    [14:28:17] Clani Bora: glances at Pierre
    [14:28:49] Lord Foril Bhaliir: My people- I've already provided hundreds of job opportunities to my people in the reconstruction of Old Town. This will continue. I will continue to provide employment to men who eradicate the gangs of old town. This again, will continue. I will continue to enforce the caravan roads to thecity.
    [14:29:14] Lord Foril Bhaliir: ANd let us not forget the various nobility that stand behind me, who control all the major settlements in the North.
    [14:29:18] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Excellent, and more work for mercenaries in eliminating those horrid gangs!
    [14:29:26] Lord Foril Bhaliir: We will build roads, we will build prosperity.
    [14:29:30] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Thank you Lord Bhaliir!
    [14:29:37] Lord Foril Bhaliir: We will build, a better tomorrow for Arabel, together.
    [14:29:43] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Now- I am finished.
    [14:29:47] Lord Foril Bhaliir: HMph.
    [14:29:55] Clani Bora: stands up
    [14:29:57] Lord Micho Tarmikos: [He scoffs a bit but quickly changes his tone] Ahem!
    [14:30:02] Pierre Brisbois uses item's special power.
    [14:30:11] Lord Micho Tarmikos: We are moving on to our final category before closing statements contestants--
    [14:30:22] Clani Bora: clearlt someone being searched
    [14:30:38] Lord Micho Tarmikos: The question is how you will structure your governing rule in Arabel.
    [14:30:38] Pierre Brisbois: [Nods and motions to the seat.]
    [14:30:41] Ironfoot: [Pants, staring up at his master with an ever lustful eyes..]
    [14:30:45] Ironfoot: *HER
    [14:30:48] Barabus Fen: smiles broadly as he takes the stage
    [14:31:56] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [throws the dog a bone]
    [14:32:02] Ironfoot: [The bone goes ignored]
    [14:32:04] Clani Bora: Clani, Daily People, Lady Thundersword. What do you say that you have taken onboard the man who has betrayed the Valiant Kraliqh?
    [14:32:22] Rathis Harltim: glances over to the woman
    [14:32:27] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Please, silence!
    [14:32:38] Lord Micho Tarmikos: The contestants are trying to make their statements!
    [14:32:40] Clani Bora: Barabus Fen was an official candidate, the people want answers!
    [14:32:44] Barabus Fen: Now, I dont have a crew of servants to give jobs to, and I am no paragon of humanity, we are a region of many peoples, as such we invite an ambassador of Queen Brittas choosing to take a role, along with Ricardo Snyden for Warden, and Lord Edith Wyvernspur, I have tremendous respect for her.
    [14:32:46] Percival Lengram: nods to Pierre
    [14:33:02] Barabus Fen: smiles pleasantly
    [14:33:04] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Guards, remove her if she speaks out again.
    [14:33:04] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he peers at Clani with a frown]
    [14:33:04] Pierre Brisbois: [Shrugs.]
    [14:33:16] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Hm..
    [14:33:26] Sunder: nods to Lord Micho
    [14:33:26] Percival Lengram: simply nods
    [14:33:32] Elestra Thundersword: And TEMON OAKS TO HANDLE OUR FINANCES!
    [14:33:32] Barabus Fen: smiles and nods to Lord Bhaliir as he takes his seat
    [14:33:34] Lord Micho Tarmikos: An interesting panel!
    [14:33:43] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Temon Oaks, my love..?
    [14:33:44] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Excellent! Temon's a genius with coin.
    [14:33:53] Elestra Thundersword: Indeed he is.
    [14:34:05] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Though, it's adventurers voting, not Temon!
    [14:34:15] Lord Micho Tarmikos: At any rate, let's welcome Elodie Ledoux!
    [14:35:20] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he sighs, shaking his head at Barabus' statement]
    [14:35:57] Ironfoot: [The dog licks its lips]
    [14:36:02] Elodie Ledoux: My Council will be made up of you. You'll -all- be given the chance to submit your desire to stand beside me to bring about a better future for Arabel. The responsibilities of my Ministers and Judges will be given to those with initiative, skill and vision, not to people that have sold their votes.
    [14:36:24] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Excellent initiative!
    [14:36:56] Lord Foril Bhaliir: True words of a politician, my retainer. Keeping it all a secret until the very end, mhm.
    [14:36:56] Barabus Fen: chuckles at that
    [14:37:13] Barabus Fen: More elections it seems...
    [14:37:21] Myron O'Connor: So, I am not going to lie like everybody else here- if you promise to support me and carry out my pristine agenda, I'll appoint you to the position you want!~ Isn't that how it's meant to work? If I get elected, if you kiss my ass enough, I'll make you Warden, I'll let you Tax Kraliqh into poverty, I'll even put you in charge of the Brothel.
    [14:37:43] Myron O'Connor: Which is what everyone else is saying but trying to make it pretty.
    [14:38:09] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [silence..]
    [14:38:10] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Ah...
    [14:38:16] Myron O'Connor: I mean seriously- Temon Oak as financial minister- are we trying to let a halfling thief in charge of our finances?
    [14:38:20] Myron O'Connor: [Rolls his eyes]
    [14:38:21] Olivier Lengram: [Tilts his head with a look of deep thought at the mention of running the brothel.]
    [14:38:22] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Interesting tactic, Myron!
    [14:38:36] Barabus Fen: Halflings all theives now? tuts
    [14:38:38] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Mhm. Indeed, very interesting.
    [14:38:50] Freya Farthrow: I thought for a moment we were at another of his competitions.
    [14:38:57] Freya Farthrow: she cocks her head
    [14:39:15] Lord Foril Bhaliir: I won't go so low as to question the decisions made by friends here, not in public.
    [14:39:18] Lord Foril Bhaliir: But I will say this.
    [14:39:31] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Any man or woman who proves their worth shall earn the highest seats in my government.
    [14:39:46] Barabus Fen: smiles at that
    [14:40:18] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Already, I have produced a list of names and their accomplishments. Some of them are of humble beginnings, some of blue blood. In the end, it matters not to me what you were in the past- but what you can do for the future.
    [14:40:23] Sunder: it's hand clasp together behind it's back
    [14:40:24] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Thank you Lord Bhaliir--!
    [14:40:26] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Arabels court shall be reintroduced under me.
    [14:40:26] Barabus Fen: cough Name them cough
    [14:40:34] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Once again you exceeded the limit of your statement.
    [14:40:35] Lord Foril Bhaliir: And each man or woman can partake as-
    [14:40:39] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Once again, Tarmikos.
    [14:40:47] Lord Foril Bhaliir: You are interrupting me.
    [14:40:55] Lord Micho Tarmikos: The rules are very clear, Lord Bhaliir, you are not above them!
    [14:40:58] Lord Foril Bhaliir: - Arabel needs you, my people.
    [14:41:02] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Please be seated.
    [14:41:05] Lord Foril Bhaliir: And I can ensure you can have a voice.
    [14:41:13] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Perhaps I will, Tarmikos.
    [14:41:23] Barabus Fen: nods to Elestra
    [14:41:27] Lord Micho Tarmikos: All of you will have a chance to provide closing statements as a final chance to plead your case for Chancellor!
    [14:41:35] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Please.
    [14:41:37] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he slowly lowers himself down into the seat]
    [14:42:06] Barabus Fen: gives a warm smile as he looks over the people gathered
    [14:43:31] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he shakes his head as he utters out] What an utter farce this is..
    [14:43:38] Elestra Thundersword: One sentences make the complex too simplified, so we shall finish off by saying this. This is a city -of- adventurers. It shall be a city -for- adventurers. The militia shall become something you can trust, not something to fear. Finances? We will provide so many contracts and opportunities that you will bath in gold. But mostly, I will state this. Fen and Thundersword, fight for something good. We fight ror tranr
    [14:44:10] Barabus Fen: coughs
    [14:44:10] Etholycus Cabellan: Do we have a question session?
    [14:44:12] Elestra Thundersword: we fight for the light, and that light, is all of you, your dreams, your safety, and your freedom to choose your own fates.
    [14:44:38] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Wow! What a speech! Bravo!
    [14:45:00] Serafina: raises an eyebrow with a slight glance to Josiah
    [14:45:10] Barabus Fen: raises his hands Vote Fen and Thundersword. For a fair future, not sycophants and nepotism!
    [14:45:20] Josiah The Elder: [quietly snores]
    [14:45:33] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Excellent! Thank you!
    [14:45:40] Elestra Thundersword: And if nothing else, we can make old men fall asleep!
    [14:45:45] Etholycus Cabellan: He glances to Pierre Good private, are you aware if there is a question session from the public?
    [14:45:45] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Elodie, please join us for your closing statement!
    [14:45:47] Serafina: warm smile as she turns back to the stage
    [14:45:55] Josiah The Elder: [Wakes up for Elodie...]
    [14:46:02] Josiah The Elder: [Totally not giving him a dirty old man leer.]
    [14:46:08] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Stop speaking out there in the crowd! Ask candidates questions on your own time!
    [14:46:13] Tom Wren: is totally asleep by now
    [14:46:18] Pierre Brisbois: [Glances at Etholycus and shrugs.]
    [14:46:26] Etholycus Cabellan: But good lord, we're being promised things, and there's no means to explain them!
    [14:46:36] Etholycus Cabellan: Contracts don't just appear out of the blue!
    [14:46:38] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Good point, mr. Cabellan!
    [14:46:46] Bowser : Then take it up on your time, not mine!
    [14:46:51] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Now stop interrupting.
    [14:46:53] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Exactly why I find this to be an utter waste of time.
    [14:47:19] Lord Foril Bhaliir: But let us humor then for a while longer.
    [14:47:23] Lord Micho Tarmikos: [He frowns slightly, furrowing his brow as he regards the Lord perched in the throne
    [14:47:26] Barabus Fen: Why is it any more complex than funding mythalite research best left out of the public purse altogether!
    [14:47:27] Lord Foril Bhaliir: They came for a show.
    [14:47:41] Etholycus Cabellan: He stays silent as the lord asked, but obviously shows some concern.
    [14:47:45] Elodie Ledoux: I understand that leadership is a delicate job. One that requires wisdom, foresight and care; Traits that those who know me cannot deny I possess. Forget those that begin a civil campaign with slander, those that betray their sponsors to win, those that scramble to create a plan -during- this debate
    [14:47:56] Barabus Fen: They will bankrupt us with meat feasts and uncosted research!
    [14:47:59] Elodie Ledoux: [She'd gesture lazily back towards fen and Thundersword.]
    [14:48:09] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Mr. Fen!
    [14:48:11] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Enough!
    [14:48:13] Barabus Fen: frowns
    [14:48:21] Lord Micho Tarmikos: The next person to speak out will be forcibly removed from this theatre.
    [14:48:33] Myron O'Connor: [Politely waits his turn, though quietly snickers]
    [14:48:35] Elodie Ledoux: Instead, vote for me for I had already dreamt of the perfect future for Arabel before this election was announced and already sought to grant it to you all.
    [14:48:54] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he snorts]
    [14:48:59] Elodie Ledoux: Once again, I offer the chance to stand beside me and help me make Arabel purrfect.
    [14:49:06] Elodie Ledoux: Thank you.
    [14:50:49] Myron O'Connor: In every day- there are winners, and there are loosers. Those behind preach of unity- comraderie, and 'togetherness' and I am here to call it a load of horse manure! BULLSHIT- There will be only two people in Arabel when I win- and there will be those who sided with me, and those who opposed me. I don't intend to create a utopia- I intend to make a utopia for those who supported me!
    [14:51:12] Myron O'Connor: So Vote Myron O'Connor, or you'll be left in Old town with the rest of the degenerates!
    [14:51:13] Myron O'Connor: Thank you.
    [14:51:17] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Oh my.
    [14:52:01] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he takes a deep breath]
    [14:52:05] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Finally, we will end with Lord Bhaliir.
    [14:52:16] Barabus Fen: claps his hands
    [14:52:21] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he stares at Micho in silence]
    [14:52:37] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [then turns to face the crowd]
    [14:54:27] Lord Foril Bhaliir: Brothers and sisters, friends of and allies of Arabel and Cormyr. As you have seen today- much has been promised, but little proof to these claims is provided. Only few among us stand with real merits to prove what we stand for- and those who do not, make up absurd ideals to bolster their image.
    [14:55:41] Lord Foril Bhaliir: It is up to you who wins this election. You are the ones who decide who looses and wins. It will not be based on our accomplishments, nor our abilitites. It will be based on the truth you know, the truth that lies in your heart- whether or not that is for the best of Cormyr, remains to be seen.
    [14:55:59] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he closes his eyes..]
    [14:56:16] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [silence..]
    [14:56:23] Lord Foril Bhaliir: [he then turns around]
    [14:56:27] Lord Foril Bhaliir: I am finished.
    [14:56:38] Myron O'Connor: Mhm.
    [14:56:44] Lord Micho Tarmikos: There you have it ladies and gentlemen, give a hand for your candidates!
    [14:56:46] Myron O'Connor: I WILL ACCEPT YOUR QUESTIONS
    [14:56:50] Lord Micho Tarmikos: Remaining ones anyway!
    [14:56:51] Etholycus Cabellan: Claps claps
    [14:56:58] Rathis Harltim: claps
    [14:57:03] Tom Wren: wakes with a start
    [14:57:05] Lord Micho Tarmikos: I will retire, but feel free to mingle with the candidates as they linger!

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