A Call for Information

  • So I'm writing a tome that will cover former dwarven PCs. I need information on the following to help flesh it out. Nothing elaborate, just a small summary of what they did. I hope to hear soon!

    • Asgrim Ironhammer

    • Magcaryn Glorygem

    • Thurgrim (Last name I can't recall, Ironhammer? Thunderhammer?)

    Any other important PCs would be useful to note! I've already got information for Borin Battleborn, Thifur Thunderhammer, Rothgarr Thrivaldi, Kimli, Drogan, Arcavius Thunderclasp, Dorna Bouldershot and Kuldar.

  • I played Azgan Ironhouse. Hit me up on forum chat, on discord or IG and I'll see what I can do to help you out 😃

  • I'm expanding this to include dwarf allies and dwarf-friends too!

    I need more information on the following to judge if they qualify or not.

    • Sammie Twigfeller

    I have information on: Warrick Diamondhands, Bastian Morrow, Wileon Bertson.

    If there's any other important ones, please let me know!

  • Builders Guild

    If you need any more information on Arcavius, Gunjar, or Dorna, lemme know.

  • I'm all covered up for those, thanks though!

    I'm editing the list in the OP to reflect who I still need info on, and I've gotten information for Sammie.

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