Letter: Myron O'Connor

  • Dear Slayer of Dragons and Wooer of Women,

    I've seen plenty of riled up politicians and their voters voicing their disdain against you for your extreme policies. I may not agree with all of them myself, but I do see the merit in a few and don't see why none have thought to seek common ground with you.

    I write to make a proposal that would get the both of us what we'd like.
    To rule the City of Arabel is a job filled with responsibility and paperwork, which could drive any man insane. I'd like to save you from the boredom of government with the following deal:

    Elodie Ledoux will provide the following once she assumes the position of Chancellor:

    • A glorious festhall dedicated to Sharess will be opened above the unused Pit. Myron will be given stewardship over the festhall and may enjoy the luxuries funded by the city's coffers.

    • Elodie Ledoux will provide Myron with a 20ft tall statue of himself in either the Festhall or the Spire.

    • Elodie Ledoux will employ two servants that resemble Lord Lady Lhal and provide Myron with their services indefinitely.

    • Elodie Ledoux will grant Myron the official title of Prince of Parties, which grants him VIP status in any parties thrown by the Council.

    In exchange Myron O'connor agrees to:

    • Have all of his supporters vote for Elodie Ledoux in the current election.

    • Pull out of the election so that he can prepare for the benefits of status without any of the tedious responsibilities.

    With the votes the pair of us have secured amassed under my name, we would be guaranteed a future that fulfils both of our desires from this election and denies a boring fate beneath the boot of Thunderthighs, Lord Boreliir or his lackey, Barbaric Fen.

    Please consider this sincere proposal. I await the wisdom of your decision or a fair counter-offer that provides similar results.

    Warm thoughts,

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~
    Senate of the Succubus of Sensation
    A friendly rival

  • Admin [DM]

    [The letter is sent to @Jas for his EXPERT and WISE advise as Myron's campaign advisor.]

  • Dear Elodie,

    As Campaign Manager I wasn't certain about your proposal so I took the liberty of distributing it to the public for all to see. Maybe the reaction of people to you trying to barter will help me make a decision.


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