A rather extravagant delivery to Lady Thundersword.

  • [This letter arrives alongside an enormous crate of assorted chocolates from across the continent buried under a veritable mountain of roses in shades of red, pink, white and yellow.]

    Ode to Lady Thundersword

    To sit for a while, to reminisce
    to ponder what has or could have been
    to reflect on past and present bliss
    and from my thoughts a truth to gleam

    a silvery tendril from your temple
    a misery so bleak, o darkness!
    it sets my body bear to tremble
    that your minds night be starless

    and yet towards you I am drawn
    like Toril towards Lathander
    and like Toril, if you were gone
    out into the darkest night I'd drift

    But while you're here I'm nourished
    simply by your very being
    In your company I have flourished
    and to my life you've lent meaning

    I still can't quell that gnawing worry
    that someday my lathander might quench
    that I'll be flung into starless night
    and from her I'll be wrenched

    But until then, that light that shines
    is brighter than I thought it could be;
    illuminating the confines
    of our minds, her and me

    • Olivier Lengram

  • Private Lengram,
    A very lovely poem. Come see me when time permits, in the Fine Hells. I long to have a friend who like I, appreciate the the fine arts like I do.

    ”The Son is not the father, and even a brother must be free,
    With your beating heart, comes the power of choice,
    With it comes a different path, one I shall help you see,
    You need not stand in his shadow, need not be one of the boys”

    Elestra Thundersword

  • Lady Thundersword

    It warms my heart that the fires of your passion have not yet been smothered by the downpour of despair that has beleaguered you in recent times. I shall endeavour to set aside some time to wage my crusade against your ill-spirits within the Fine Hells.

    Though escaping the watchful eye of my beloved brother shall be no easy feat

    Private Olivier Lengram