SCANDAL! Lord Bhaliir has Myron O'Connor's campaign manager sentenced to the PENAL LEGION!

  • My dear citizens!
    It's only through the good grace and just men of our noble militia that I am allowed to freely walk the streets, though I am now wearing the cloak of the Penal Legion. Some may consider this a punishment but I, Mr. O'Connor's campaign manager, consider it a great honor to be able to directly assist the fine men of our militia with their daily duties, braving orcs and demons to help keep our fair city safe.

    But do note!
    Despite this move that is meant to put shackles on freedom of speech and intended, as is plain for all to see, to hamper the spirit of free competition, know that truth does not know shackles. No matter how much those who are an enemy to Truth may try to keep it under wraps, in the end, truth rules supreme and emerges, victorious.

    Do not lose heart, even when posters by many claim that those who vote for Myron will suffer persecution! Stand up for what is right! Vote with your heart AND with your conscience. Vote for freedom, truth, and sexy hot pink.

    First they ignore you,
    then they put you in the stocks,
    then they cast you into the penal legion,
    and then Myron O'Connor becomes Councillor of Arabel!

    Stay Strong!
    ~Myron O'Connor for President Campaign Office, Pit of Arabel