A letter: Sergeant Lengram

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    Ensure your brother forwards the courtesy to my love along with sincere well-wishes for her recovery. You will understand what an embarrassing ordeal this mess of a scene became for both sides, and that fostering good relationship with a well-respected noble-house as Thundersword comes with the benefit of trust from her supporters, most of whom are nobility themselves.

    I will expect to be kept up to date on this case of the Half-dragon and Faeylinn. The subject is of great concern for the security of our nation as it regards the Spark of DIvinity- a weapon that may be our only hope in our fight against the Phaerimm. Furthermore, my senior retainer has informed me he will be able to provide the necessary wards to unearth the secret hidden inside that blade. I will be calling upon you soon, to discuss details. I will assume you've met with War wizard Dunham.

    Keeping peace is not easy, when chaos has been left unchecked for so long. It is obvious there must be balance to this, and you seem able to do what it takes to restore public order. In the future, we will discuss what I can do to help you conduct your duties tomorrow, when I become chancellor.


    Ps. A servant of mine brought this poster to my attention. It appears Your newest Penal Legionary has not understood that publicly calling a lord of Cormyr a "So-called nobleman" is stating that I am in fact a fraud, whilst saying I am an "enemy of freedom and free thought" is yet another lie. As he provides no concrete evidence to support either of these "facts", once again he breaks the law. I suggest you remove the posting privileges of your newest stooge for the time being, and urge him to read the lawbook.

  • // That poster was made before the penal legion.

  • I will make sure he sends his greetings, lord Bhaliir. And the scene was indeed a mess of the highest order. Problem was i could not let Benjamin Barkley off after such repeated offenses, or everyone would think it a good idea to do it, especially after he resisted our more gentle ways of bringing him in multiple times before lady Thundersword arrived.

    With his behavior and her decision to bail him out, i was left with the militia being made a mockery or being anal about enforcing the law. I chose the latter and i expect nothing will ever prevent me from choosing the latter if i have to make the choice again. You'd be surprised how often the lawmen are put in that exact spot when you're looking into the most miniscule of things which is then escalated into a shitstorm by their refusal to just cooperate. This goes double when it takes place in front of a crowd of tense adventurers.

    I will make sure private Lengram does as instructed.

    Sgt. Lengram

    a copy is forwarded to private Lengram @Mozart-of-Orcs