Letter to Benjamin Barkley

  • @mrpenguin-phil said in [Sent to Lieutenants of the Militia]:

    Honored Lieutenants of the Arabel City Militia, or their mailreader,

    I'm writing regarding an incident that occurred on the streets of this glorious city, on the day this letter was received. After myself, a Retainer to Lady Elestra Thundersword, offhandedly stated that one of your Sergeants was being dense, I was charged with a series of crimes including slander and disturbing the peace. After the noble of Cormyr I am in service to interjected the Sergeant, one of your Privates, a Pierre Brisbois, said to Lady Thundersword, that he would "put this club to your teeth if you attempt to interfere with the law again". After I reminded him of whom he was speaking to, he proceeded to attack me with his baton in hand, and himself, and both Sergeant and Private Lengram raised their weapons against myself and Lady Thundersword. They dragged me off to the stocks after beating us both down, and ignored the Lady's repeated requests and right to pay the fine on my behalf on the spot, and as such, put a Noble House of Cormyrs colors in the stocks, publicly humiliating her house.

    In short, in the span of ten minutes, the named Militia members in your service ignored, threatened, and assaulted a noble of Cormyr, not to mention attacking myself, a Retainer in her service, without any provocation or resistance from myself.

    Lady Thundersword has asked me to pen this letter to see that, at the least, Private Pierre Brisbois is punished accordingly for committing a capital crime, as the Lady has named the unprovoked attack against me as a personal attack against her and her House. She seeks his honored position, as a Militia Officer in service to Arabel, stripped, as he is incapable of carrying such a position in a respectable manner to the City, the People, and the Crown. Furthermore, she expects a formal, and public apology signed and posted by Brisbois personally, for the attack and defamation of her House.

    It is best to not set a precedent that your Privates are above Nobles of Cormyr, and can freely attack anyone, nevermind someone in service to said Houses, without any repercussion. I trust that this matter will be handled swiftly, as I do not wish to pen another letter to the Honored Judge Johan, or, Gods forbid, bother the Lord Warden with such a silly mistake from a Private who let the power of such a position go to his head.

    Benjamin Barkley,
    Paladin of Shaundakul,
    Retainer in service to Lady Elestra Thundersword

    [After having the letter passed over by Lieutenant Tallstag, Private Pierre Brisbois pens a reply]


    If you practice the same language as you started this letter with when encountering a representative of the Arabel Militia in the streets, I am sure you'll not put yourself in the same position again.
    Rest assured that even if you left out the part where you innocently swung your sword down upon me infront of a number of witnesses. It has been put in your ever growing file of crimes.
    Also rest assured that the same has been done with the fact that Lady Elestra Thundersword also innocently tried to jab her sword into my back as you were being arrested.

    Go cry me a river, nancy-boy.

    • Pvt. Pierre Brisbois

  • As you attacked me with your baton after I corrected your mistake in thinking you were in a position to threaten Lady Elestra. If you recall, I defended myself with my fists until your companions raised their weapons also. Your feigned ignorance can only last so long.

  • Citizen,

    Cease your mewling its embarassing.

    • Pvt. Pierre Brisbois

  • That's Retainer to you, Pork chops Private